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Wrapping Up Another Great Year of Giving in Austin

December 7, 2019

Paradisa Homes is proud to build the homes that make Austin a wonderful place to live, but our commitment to the community does not end there. We believe that we can also build a better world by giving to programs that brighten futures in Austin and beyond. In 2019, we gave over $5,000 to Austin-based organizations, and we encourage our followers to join us in supporting four of our favorite causes.

African Leadership Bridge

African Leadership Bridge provides scholarships to young leaders from the African continent to study at the University of Texas and Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. During their time in the US, ALB students are supported by a network of mentors and given opportunities to learn from leaders in their host communities. Alumni receive encouragement to build on their university experiences in the US to promote positive changes in their homelands.

We have supported African Leadership Bridge for the past few years because sharing the city we love with international visitors helps spread the “Austin weird” around the world. Learn more about the inspiring work of ALB alumni and donate at the African Leadership Bridge website.

Builders Care Austin

Builders Care Austin is a project of the Austin Infill Coalition that supports community projects in the areas that we serve. We have been members of Builders Care Austin since its inception. In recent years, fundraising by Builders Care Austin has paid off $10,000 of student lunch debt and provided $10,000 to after-school tutoring programs at Austin schools.

We are proud to support youth and families to ensure that our shared home of Austin continues to thrive. Learn more about Builders Care Austin’s efforts to support Austin schools and how you can contribute here.

All Things Wild Rehabilitation

All Things Wild Rehabilitation is a nonprofit organization that provides shelter and care to injured or abandoned wildlife until they are able to return to their natural habitat. In addition to caring for animals and birds, the organization also provides public education about Texas wildlife to promote conservation. Their website also has tips for what to do if you find an injured animal or bird.

We learned about All Things Wild Rehabilitation when one of our staff member’s children did an Eagle Scout project with the organization this year. We look forward to continuing to donate to them in future years. To learn more about volunteering, wish lists, and how to donate to All Things Wild Rehabilitation, visit their website.

Miracle League at Town and Country

Miracle League is an organization that makes baseball accessible to youth ages 4 to 19 who do not fit into “regular” recreational leagues. The Miracle League gives all kids a chance at bat and in the field, with support from a buddy. Miracle League equipment and participation is provided at no cost for families to reduce barriers to play.

Paradisa Homes had a team participate in this year’s Drive for a Miracle League Golf Tournament to raise funds and awareness for Miracle League at Town and Country. We were moved by the display of community coming together for a common cause to support the Miracle League players and families, and we are excited to sign up for the tournament again next fall. To learn more about volunteering or making a donation to Miracle League at Town and Country, visit the organization’s website.

These organizations kept us inspired throughout 2019 and reminded us of how lucky we are to live in a city like Austin, full of such dedicated and caring people. We look forward to connecting even more with philanthropic organizations in 2020.

At Paradisa Homes, we’re dedicated to building communities, through both our charitable donations and our homes and planned communities. To see if we can help you find your forever home and to learn more about how Paradisa is working to build a better Austin, visit our website, or contact us to speak to one of our team members.