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Where We Build: Brentwood

Why We Build in Brentwood

Whether you’re a young professional, a growing family, a retiree, or somewhere in between, you want to fall in love with the place you call home. And while a beautifully designed space is an important part of that equation, so too is finding a neighborhood that suits your lifestyle and needs. If you’re the type who prefers a spacious front yard to a city skyline view — while also being close to the fun and convenience of city life — Brentwood is the place to hang your cowboy hat.

Bordered on the west by Burnet Rd. and on the east by North Lamar Blvd. in north-central Austin, Brentwood is a cozy little enclave offering tree-lined streets, plenty of green space, and quick access to downtown and the University of Texas. The family-friendly neighborhood also boasts plenty of popular eateries, shopping, and fun. So if you’re searching for the tranquility and charm of a small community while still being just a hop away from the heart of the city, you need look no further than Brentwood.

Life in Brentwood

The Brentwood neighborhood was originally farmland until the late 1940s when the City of Austin bought the land to build a school — Brentwood Elementary. The booming area soon attracted the attention of GIs who were starting their families after the war. You can still see the echoes of historic charm in the old-fashioned bars and hamburger joints that are still standing, but the neighborhood has evolved into a modern community with benefits for homeowners of all stripes to enjoy, including:

  • A manageable commute. With convenient access to downtown Austin, the University of Texas, Austin Community College, and local employers Apple, Dell, and National Instruments, you won’t have the unnecessary burden of a long commute each morning and evening.
  • Good schools. Served by the Austin Independent School District, Brentwood is home to Brentwood Elementary, Lamar Middle School, McCallum High School, and various esteemed private schools, such as Paragon Prep.
  • Shops and eateries. Even though you’re not in the city center here, there’s so much to keep you busy that you won’t even want to leave. Burnet Road serves as the main drag, with spots like local fave Pizza Patron, Asian-fusion cafe the Peached Tortilla, and date-night-worthy Apothecary wine bar, as well as plenty of boutique shopping and hip pubs and coffeehouses. Anderson Lane is also home to plenty of weekend hot spots such as the Goodnight for karaoke, bowling, and barfare, and the Alamo Drafthouse.
  • Plenty of green space. If time spent outdoors is a must, this is the place for you. Brentwood Park offers room to roam for exercise and recreation at every level, including soccer and softball fields, a jogging trail, basketball and tennis courts, and a workout area for adults. For families with kids, it also boasts amenities such as a playscape, a kite-flying field, and even a free pool. And just down the road, you’ll find the dog park, fountain water park for children, and bocce ball courts at Triangle Park.

Our Brentwood Homes

The traditional home style you’ll find in Brentwood is a single story bungalow and many of these homes were originally purchased by GI’s coming home from World War II. In the past decade, this area has seen a surge of repurposing the land where these small houses were built as lots for larger homes or adding on to those smaller homes to create larger, more modern houses by remodeling or renovating.

As Austin home builders, we understand how to both preserve our historical neighborhoods and provide beautifully designed homes that you’ll love for a lifetime. Paradisa Homes offer a modern yet timeless edge to the classic mid-century style popular to Brentwood. With high ceilings, open-floor layouts, and plenty of natural light, our homes aren’t just beautiful — they’re functional and even inspirational. Plus, with options for swimming pools and spas, natural landscaping, and outdoor kitchens, you’ll fall in love with your home’s exterior just as much as the interior. 

Paradisa homes can be custom-built for your needs or you can check out our move-in ready inventory. Want to learn more about upcoming opportunities in the Brentwood neighborhood? Contact us today, and we will get you set up with your Paradisa dream home.