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What to look for when looking for a neighborhood?

What to look for when looking for a neighborhood?

Once you’ve decided to buy or rent a new home, trying to find the ideal place to live can feel like a daunting task. There are so many neighborhoods out there! Where should you start? 

We’ve prepared a list of things to consider so you can be better prepared to ask the right questions when looking for a new home.


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8 Questions to Ask About The Neighborhood Before You Buy

  1. What is the mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments? This will affect your quality of life in many ways, from comfort to convenience and affordability.


  2. How close is it to shops and restaurants? This can impact how much time you spend driving or commuting. In general, it’s nice if there’s more than one grocery store within walking distance! It will also determine how noisy and crowded the area can get on the weekends. (If you’re looking at neighborhoods in Austin, we’ve prepared this list of the top places to wine and dine in the area).


  3. Are there any green areas nearby? Parks and green spaces are important for our mental health. This will help you stay healthy by providing natural airflow throughout your day. You may want to run or take your dog out for a walk around your neighborhood. It’s important to track where a walk around your block may take you.


  4. How close are you to public transportation? If you’re looking to be part of a car-free lifestyle, or are planning to have people commute to your home regularly, you’ll want to live within walking distance of a bus route or metro station.


  5. What amenities are nearby? Is there a nearby park, playground, library, or any other community resources? Even if you do not plan on going regularly, having these types of public spaces nearby can benefit your real estate value–homes within a quarter mile of a library are worth more than other properties in the same area.


  6. Are there good schools in the area? This is important if you have children and want them to get an excellent education.


  7. How long have people lived in the area? If you want to live near established neighbors, you’ll want to know how long the families in the area have lived there. If neighbors are constantly moving, this can be an indicator of community problems that may not seem obvious at first glance.


  8. How much street traffic is there, and does it bother you? You would prefer not to be bothered by loud traffic on your way to work or anywhere else.

If these questions seem daunting, don’t worry! There’s no rush. Take your time and find a neighborhood that suits you. To learn more about the neighborhoods where we build, click here.

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