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What makes a great neighborhood?

What makes a great neighborhood?

Finding the right neighborhood for your lifestyle and your family is no easy task. When you buy a house you are also committing to the place and neighborhood. A truly great place to live is one where you feel comfortable and that matches your current lifestyle. 

It is important for the neighborhood to meet your needs. For example, a family with kids might be looking for a neighborhood that is close to schools and that has great parks. A young couple might prioritize how close it is to work in order to shorten their commute.

Whatever your lifestyle is, there are many essential elements that make a great neighborhood. From location to accessibility and entertainment, there are many aspects that can define what your life will be like in your new home. The Paradisa team created this guide to help you out when deciding on a neighborhood for your new home. Here are some things to consider: 


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Of course, location is a key element when looking at neighborhoods. Where in the city is it located? Is it close to your work? Does it have good schools? Is it close and connected to the city? There are many questions that you must ask yourself before creating a list of neighborhoods that interest you. Consider your priorities regarding location and then start the search. 



Although Austin is a city that still relies heavily on cars, it is important to consider the transportation options that are available in each neighborhood. This is also very important when you have children. How will they get to school? Would you need to drive them every day? Or is there a school bus route nearby? 

Essentials within reach 


Having convenient access to essential services and shopping is very important. Being close to medical services might also be crucial if you have small children or are a senior citizen. Before choosing a house, consider how far the nearest grocery store is, as well as the nearest hospital, pharmacy, bank and any other places that you may need frequently.



Community is so important when looking for the perfect neighborhood. Even if you keep to yourself, eventually you will have to meet your neighbors and interact with the community. Find a place where you and your family feel comfortable. You can find a lot about a neighborhood’s community online through forums and neighborhood guides.



Even if you plan to live in your house for the years to come, purchasing a house can be an investment. Check out how fast the neighborhood is growing, if there are new buildings in the area, if there are any development plans and so on. This might give you an idea of what the next years will look like living there as well as how much your home may increase in value if you ever decide to sell. 

There are only some of the elements that we believe can make a great neighborhood. Remember that  when you decide on a home, you are not only buying it but you are also becoming part of a neighborhood. Not all neighborhoods are created equal and there really is no such thing as the perfect neighborhood since everyone has different needs. However, there are many components that are common to some of the best neighborhoods in Austin.

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