Weighing Costs: Custom and Traditional Home Builders

Whether you are transitioning from renting to owning, acquiring additional real estate, or relocating, once you decide to purchase a new house, it is time to decide what type of build you want. There are advantages and disadvantages to purchasing both old and new, as well as differences between custom home builds and traditional builds. Weigh these options carefully to choose the option that is right for you.

Custom Home Builder

A custom home builder will provide you with the home you want — including a completely unique floor plan and finishes to your exact specifications. As the name implies, you can personalize the entire home in nearly any category. This could include designing a floor plan and house footprint around existing trees on your property. This level of customization is also where your budget may get tricky. It’s easy to fall in love with a detail or idea and forget about the bottom line.

A large factor to consider when estimating the cost of a custom build is availability of utilities. If you want to build in a secluded, rural, or wooded area, it will likely cost significantly more than if you want to build within a new neighborhood in-ground utilities already available at your front curb.

Traditional Builder

A traditional home builder will offer a selection of floor plans, and you’ll likely purchase the plot of land and the house in one sale. This means you won’t have to consider the slope of the lot, the availability of utilities, or the cost of pouring a concrete driveway, for example — these are already factored into the price.

This builder will likely offer a menu of options for finishes, including floors, counters, and hardware like doorknobs and cabinet pulls. Each option will offer a different price, from basic to high-end, but it will be less customizable to your tastes and preferences. On the other hand, you will likely save because this builder may be able to order both building materials and finishes in bulk.

Tips for the Build

Regardless of which route you choose to build your home, follow these simple tips for the best result — a beautiful home on time and on budget.
Research your builder before making a final selection.
Plan diligently and think through your options carefully before starting the build.
Set a budget and stick to it. You may encounter unexpected challenges or changes during construction, and your budget can help guide some decisions.
Make sure you understand your timeline so you can make appropriate arrangements for both payments and moving your household when the time comes.
Stay in touch with your builder throughout the entire process. Track progress, but stay flexible.

You may find a company like us, Paradisa Homes, that offers both custom and traditional builds. Paradisa Homes offers an array of options to potential homeowners. You can come with an existing lot or look through their real estate offerings to find the right location on which to build. From there, you can choose the traditional build route, with a menu of floor plans and finishes, or you can work with Paradisa Homes’ in-house architecture and design staff to customize your perfect home.