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Top 7 New Home Floor Plan Features

March 26, 2020

When we talk about new homes, many of us tend to focus on the bigger, more obvious aspects of a new home, such as the way it looks on the outside, or its location and size. However, building your dream home isn’t just about how it looks or where it sits; it’s about how it will function, too. The logistics of your floor plan is important because it dictates the layout of your home — which affects your day-to-day comfort and convenience.

Each home that we build here at Paradisa Homes is completely unique. That’s why, depending upon the neighborhood, lot specifications, and price bracket, we don’t typically see a “best-selling floor plan.” Instead, we see certain features built into the floor plans that have become must-haves for home buyers. The most popular new floor plan features include some or all of the following.

  1. Master bedroom on the first floor: Traditionally speaking, homes of the past tended to include all bedrooms upstairs, with all the rooms where families did their “living” downstairs, to demarcate between sleep and waking hours.
    However, a more recent trend in two-story home floor plans is to feature the master bedroom on the first floor. This offers the best long-term location for those who plan to stay through their golden years. It also works for individuals who have underlying health conditions that limit mobility, and who don’t want to worry about the hassle or danger of moving up and down stairs. 
  2. Master bedroom on the opposite side of the home: Can you sense the pattern yet? Placing the master bedroom away from the other bedrooms creates a quieter and more private living space for parents that can promote relaxation. Of course, kids can be loud and rambunctious at any age, but they’ll also want to have their own sense of space and privacy, too — especially as they near their teenage years.
    A floor plan with split bedrooms also uses space more efficiently. By dividing the bedrooms with the living spaces in between, there’s not as much of a need for hallways. Instead, that square footage can be used for larger bedrooms or as extra space in the other rooms. 
  3. Ample outdoor entertaining space: Home design that incorporates the outdoors is a simple way to make your home feel more spacious. Blurring the lines between the indoors and outdoors also invites more sunlight, which improves our moods and, therefore, our relationship to our homes. And in sunny Austin, we love spending as much time outdoors as possible. That’s why homeowners are prioritizing floor plans that include these outdoor features:
    • Extensive patios
    • Balconies and decks
    • Outdoor kitchens
    • Pools 
  4. Walk-in closets: With shelving and clothing rails at your specified height, and all the display room you need, a walk-in closet is a personalized space to suit your needs. But it’s also a major space saver, since you can keep your year-round wardrobe and essentials here without needing to resort to the attic or under the bed. Because they’re such a hot-ticket item, walk-in closets also increase your home’s resale value, should you ever decide to sell. 
  5. Separate showers and tubs in the master suite: Most homeowners want a free-standing soaker tub in the master bath, but a shower is preferred when a master bath can’t accommodate both. 
  6. Kitchen islands: As much as we love the idea of sitting down to dinner at the table every night, busy and conflicting schedules can make that more of a wish than a reality. A kitchen island fulfills a dual function of expanded counter space and a dining area when bar stools or chairs are added for seating. It also increases counter space for appliances and food prep.
  7. An additional room or common space area: For the rise of remote workers, as well as busy and growing families, this is a must. This extra space offers a ton of different uses, from a home office or gym to a secondary living area for kids or guests.

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