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The Top 2019 Austin Design Trends We Can’t Wait to Try

January 31, 2019

You’ve undoubtedly heard the “New Year, New You” mantra that inspires people each January to take up new fitness regimes, eat healthier, read more books, etc. While we love the idea of these personal resolutions, we get most excited about trying out the latest design trends in our homes. Designers, industry experts, and shelter magazines release their year-forecast trends each year (Pantone color of the year, anyone?), and we’ve done our research to find the most exciting and innovative of them all. Here are the 2019 trends for Austin homes this year that we can’t wait to try.


Floating Vanities

Forget the standard vanities of yesteryear. Not only are they an inefficient use of space, they’re also a bulky eyesore. Thankfully, one of the year’s top design trends for bathrooms is the floating vanity, which stops short of the floor, giving the illusion that it’s suspended in air while anchored to your wall. These floating vanities create a clean and modern aesthetic, which is especially popular in contemporary Austin homes. As an added bonus, the gap between the vanity bottom and the floor offers a space for underneath storage, which is especially helpful in smaller bathrooms to reduce eyesore clutter.


Kitchens That Open to the Outside

As one of the nation’s sunniest cities, Austin is the perfect place to enjoy your backyard and patio or deck all year long. And there’s no better way to blur the dividing line between your home and nature than by incorporating one of 2019’s hottest home trends — a kitchen that opens to the outdoors. You’ll say goodbye to a cramped, hot kitchen once you let in the fresh air and sunlight through glass or French doors, or even pass-through windows. This roomy design improvement opens up your space, making it feel bigger and therefore more inviting, and it also connects you to nature. It’s especially helpful when you’re entertaining guests, who can move about more freely from room to room.


Quartz Countertops

If you’re in the market for countertops that are long lasting and design friendly, you’re in luck. Austin homeowners and builders are implementing quartz countertops in droves this year, and they’re a hot trend for good reason. With both the rustic look of natural stone and extreme durability, you can look forward to smooth, beautiful counters for years to come. What’s more, quartz doesn’t need to be sealed, so your cleaning and upkeep will be a cinch. Quartz is also a non-porous material, which means your countertops will be safe from the bacteria and mold that are so pervasive in kitchens.


Moroccan Tiling

Move over shiplap and subway tile, there’s a new pattern in town, and she’s both brighter and cheerier than you could ever be. These glazed terra-cotta tiles are most commonly used as kitchen countertops or backsplashes, and they’re especially popular in bathrooms. The intricate patterns, mixed with bold colors and a glossy glaze, add a burst of exotic flair to any standard white room, conjuring visions of far-flung spice markets and bustling bazaars. Moroccan tile is truly versatile, too — besides the rooms mentioned above, it can be used outdoors on patios or walkways, and even on the fronts of stair risers for a pop of worldly taste.


Destination Bathtubs

Poor bathrooms. They’re so often a utilitarian space with a standard sink, toilet, and bathtub — and with the exception of your shower curtain, yours probably looks a lot like the bathrooms you see in other homes. But designers and homeowners alike have begun to shift their focus to bathrooms that aren’t just functional but inspirational and even a bit luxurious. A destination bathtub is their go-to, and it’s the best way to turn this space from an average washroom to a retreat-worthy spa.

These freestanding tubs are set apart from the rest of your bathroom, hence the “destination.” This allows more choices for design shapes and styles — many are sculptural. Because they take up less room than standard bulky tubs, they look more modern and sophisticated, and they free up much-needed bathroom space, too.


If you’re searching for a new home to try out these inspiring design trends, contact us today. Our designers and architects are here to help you customize a one-of-a-kind home of your dreams.