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Things that actually matter when evaluating a neighborhood

Things that actually matter when evaluating a neighborhood

When buying a house, you are actually not making a commitment to just the house itself but to the whole neighborhood.  There is a reason why “location, location, location” is such a used phrase in the real estate world. Many agents will make an emphasis on not focusing solely on the house when you are looking to buy, and really consider the area when making the decision, some will even argue that the neighborhood should come before the house itself.

It’s a fact that your neighborhood will impact your level of satisfaction with your new home. What if it is too far from your workplace? What if you don’t feel safe going out for a walk? What if there is too much noise or is not a place aesthetically pleasing to watch every day? You need to take all these factors into consideration.So, what actually matters when evaluating a neighborhood? Here are the key characteristics to evaluate when you are looking to buy:

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The perfect area for you will depend greatly on what your needs are at the moment and the future you are planning for yourself and your family. It is important to consider factors like what age groups predominate the neighborhood. For example, if you are a young couple you will feel better in an active area with other new families. On the contrary, if you are a retired couple you will prefer a really calm area without any fuss. 

This also applies to other characteristics. For example, is it a student area? Is there any nightlife nearby? Try and talk to some of the neighbors before buying, you will get a better idea of the community that way and will be able to consider if you see yourself fitting in there.


Also, does the neighborhood have an HOA? 

Many communities have an HOA (homeowner association), which may include a lot of benefits like trash and recycling collection, street and common areas maintenance, lawn care, landscape and tree upkeep, etc. However, it may also impose rules about noise or pets restrictions, modification prohibitions, etc. HOAs can reduce a lot of anxiety and unwanted chores for homeowners, and the rules can also drive some owners crazy, and they can also mean a rise in your monthly expenses, so you must take it into consideration. 


Easy access to goods and services


A great neighborhood should also include important amenities such as grocery stores, shops, and restaurants. Can you walk to get important everyday items? Or will you always need a car? Having good schools close by is also very important if you have young children and it’s ideal that you live in an area close to your workplace to avoid losing time in traffic. 



If a neighborhood looks good, it’s a good sign that its residents care about it. Look at the quality of the infrastructure, look at how the houses are holding up,  if there is enough parking space to avoid agglomeration of cars on the streets or if there are any parks and green areas nearby. Parks are among the most telling signs of the condition of a neighborhood. If nature is not being taken care of, there is trash in the common areas or abandoned objects, the neighborhood may be in decline. Red flags like that must be taken into consideration to avoid an unsafe area.



Safety always comes first. You want to live in an area where you feel comfortable and feel free to just take a walk or go out at night. Especially if you have a family you will want to have that peace of mind.

Do your research on the neighborhood or ask your agent for help. Find out if it is a low-crime area, what has been its crime rate the last couple of years, if the nearby areas are safe and if there have been any neighbors involved in crime in the past year. Also, maintain a heads up to how the areas develop over time.

What other elements do you believe must be considered when choosing a neighborhood? Learn more about our premium locations and where our luxury Paradisa homes are located here. 

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