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The Three Elements That Make 4903 Fairview Exemplary

November 22, 2019

Some builds are too breathtaking to keep under wraps. That’s why Paradisa Homes is sharing 4903 Fairview as a featured home. But what is it that makes this property so special? The intrigue of its multi-tiered exterior? The playfulness of the varying light fixtures? The simple elegance of its clean lines? In a word, yes!

All these elements contribute to making this build an office favorite at Paradisa Homes. But just as there is beauty in simplicity, what we love about 4903 Fairview comes down to three elements: contrast, spaciousness, and balance.

1. Contrast

modern designed home

The exterior of 4903 Fairview is a playbook of contrasts: mixed material design, horizontal abutting longitudinal lines, and dramatic landscaping. Warm cedar planks interrupt cool corrugated steel and white stucco, creating a striking facade. The window panels mimic the lines of their section material: widening the view in the central tier and elongating the tier on the right. Polished concrete slabs alternating with crushed stone and dots of shrub grass create both a modern and natural curb appeal.

Back view of home

Another example of sublime contrast is the backyard, particularly the pool and spa. The mosaic tile ring around the spa gives an expectation of alignment. This is a space full of pleasant surprises: though the spa and pool maintain the central beeline from the glass panel leading from the house, the pool sinks into the stone slab patio but the spa rises above it.

The back of the house also juxtaposes contradictory textures: a redux of the cedar plank motif frames the airiness of the glass doors, the buff stucco walls and stone patio surround the shimmer of the water and windows, and glimpses of greenery and crushed rock edge the crisp lines and angles of the exterior. The result is stunning, as these diverging elements heighten the impact of this gorgeous space.

2. Spaciousness

Living room & Kitchen

A swath of floor-to-ceiling windows opens the breezy interior to natural light. The white palette expands the boundaries of the room while foregrounding the sleek ceiling fan, marble countertops, and droplet chandelier. The blond wood floor both warms and lightens the room, giving the foundation a grounded glow. The ceiling vaults from the kitchen and dining area cuing a shift in the room that allows for boundless movement. From rosy dawn to starry nights, this room captures the subtle shifts of atmosphere normally removed from life indoors.


This spaciousness continues throughout the flow of the house, with a poignant display in the loft. The same elements are used here: light wood, prominent windows, and futuristic ceiling fan, all adding to the light-filled atmosphere. Though the ceilings are less buoyant than those of the main level, the bird’s-eye views from the upper rooms create an airiness specific to a loft. Although partial walls divide the rooms, the glass barn doors maintain the playfulness of the open space while enhancing the functionality of multipurpose rooms.

3. Balance

Outdoor Kitchen

The element of balance is prominent both inside and out at 4903 Fairview, but no area better demonstrates equilibrium than the outdoor cabana kitchen in the backyard. The built-in grill, refrigerator, sink, and granite countertops provide the structure to encourage al fresco meal-prep, dining, and entertaining. The fan and recessed lighting keep the space accessible at all times and temperatures.

Dining area, Kitchen Island, Living room

To find this balance inside, look no further than the open kitchen-dining-living room. Just as the cabana brings the luxury of the indoors out, the windows and cool colors bring the airiness of the outdoors in. The modern fireplace offsets the warmth of a fire with the refreshing crispness of the picketed tile. The exquisite raindrop chandelier adds a unique flair to this minimalist space. And the luxury of a kitchen wine chiller brings the timeless open space design into the future.

Contact Paradisa Homes to learn more about how we can help you plan your dream home. It may even join 4903 Fairview as a featured build!