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Six Trends Heating Up Austin Construction This Fall

November 22, 2019

Though the temperatures may be dropping a bit, Austin construction continues to stay hot this fall. With one of the most exciting real estate markets in the country, Austin draws plenty of attention all year round. As a result, we tend to set trends. Here are six ways we’re shaking things up right now.

1. Mix It Up!

modern design home

One doesn’t need to spend much time in Austin to see that we like contrasts. Kimchi fries and jalapeno-infused margaritas? Swimming at Barton Springs and then catching a punk show on Sixth Street? That’s so Austin. So it’s no wonder that we also love mixed material design.

It may be a dramatic exterior mixing corrugated steel, wood, and stucco. It could be a living room with a modern tile fireplace and a rough-hewn wood and iron chandelier. Maybe it’s a futuristic modern home tucked into a lush landscape of native Texas greenery. Finding balance amid contrast is at the heart of mixed material design, and it may even be what keeps Austin construction weird.

2. Keep It Glassy!

Front of modern house

When building or remodeling a home, garages often miss out on the fun. That’s why we love the Austin construction trend of highlighting the garage with glass and steel frame doors. Glass garage doors provide instant curb appeal, brightening any exterior. Using glazed or tinted panes allows for privacy while opening up the interior of the garage to natural light, which makes doing bike tune-ups much more pleasant.

3. Wide Open Spaces

Living room

On average, Austin gets 228 days of sunshine a year, almost a month more than the national average. It’s no wonder that Austin construction trends include ways to get more of that sun inside. Rooms that open up to the outdoors are a great way to increase spaciousness and airflow, and add a bit of al fresco to the interior. Wide glass doors and outdoor living spaces make the transition seamless, even after the sun goes down.

4. Island Oasis

kitchen view

Texas toast. Big Tex. Buc-ee’s. We like things large in Texas, and Austin construction trends reflect that. When it comes to supersized kitchen islands, they’re just more for us to love. Some islands become the new breakfast nooks, with space for barstools and family meals. Others are more utilitarian, with the extra space dedicated to storage and appliances. Islands can be double-wide, extra-long, L-shaped, U-shaped, and beyond. Even Napoleon could get on board with these isles.

5. Tile It Up!


The subway tile backsplash has moved beyond a trend and into the Great Hall of Design. However, in Austin construction circles we are seeing a spin on the classic. As they say, we do things a little bit different down here in Texas. Instead of doing the usual horizontal pattern used with subway tile, we are seeing more folks play with the tiles, picketing them vertically or making nested angles. It’s just a new spin on an already great thing, like goat yoga or breakfast tacos.

6. Float On

Master Bath Cabinet

Do not adjust your screen, this double-sink is actually floating. Though a floating sink sounds like an oxymoron, it’s real and it’s fabulous — and an Austin construction trend that is here to stay. The double-sink layout is perfect for a master bathroom or kids’ bathroom, as extra sinks are welcome anywhere there are competing toothbrushes.

The levity of the design makes the entire bathroom feel more spacious, a welcome change for a room that is often left with square footage table scraps. Floating sinks show that builders intentionally designed powder rooms, guest baths, and master baths with the same eye for balance and potential as the rest of the home.

Did an Austin construction trend catch your eye? Or are you inspired to try something new? Contact us at Paradisa Homes! Whether you have a new build or remodel in mind, we have the expertise and commitment to quality that will make your favorite trend come to life.