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Questions to Ask Your Home Builder Before Getting Started

September 15, 2017

Choosing a home builder can be overwhelming. The questions below will help determine if the builder you’re considering is right for you.

Are you a certified and insured builder?
If the answer is no, move on to your next option.

Can you give me references from previous customers?
Sometimes the most helpful thing is to read reviews and speak with people who have worked with this builder before. They’ll be able to give you details of the experience, as well as pros and cons of the process and final product.

Is there a similar model I can walk through?
View an already built home with a similar floor plan if possible. This will help you get a feel for the finished product and give you an opportunity to identify personal preferences for finishes or room size.

How long have you been in business, how many homes have you built, and how many homes are you currently building?
Similar to talking with references and seeing a finished product, this will give you an idea of how well established and successful the builder is. It will also tell you how much attention you may expect from the builder during the process.

How many floor plan options do you offer? Can I bring in an outside or custom plan?
Check to see how many options the builder has and if any appeal to you. Also ask whether you might bring in outside plans or customize something with this builder, in case the existing floorplan options don’t fit with your dream home.

How much customization can be done? When do we make those decisions?
You’ll need to know at what point you choose interior finishes and what decisions you are able to make. Be sure to clarify the deadlines to make these decisions to ensure the customization you want.

Will there be a homeowners’ association in the neighborhood, and what will the dues be?
Remember to factor an HOA fee into your budget. This will likely be a monthly cost and can range from $30 to $150 a month. HOAs also sometimes have strict rules about outdoor decor and lawn care.

What financing is available?
Check whether the builder finances the construction or whether you are responsible for securing a construction loan.

What warranties are included with the build?
Find out what the warranty covers and what it does NOT cover, and for how long. Also ask about the process for filing a claim and how you’ll know when the problem will be fixed.

When and how will the final cost be determined?
Make sure you know what the total cost includes and when it will be determined. Check with the builder regarding potential increases in cost of labor and materials, as well as how such matters will be communicated and handled.

What is the timeline for the build, and how often will I have access to the build site?Some buyers like to visit the build site often. Ask the builder if this is acceptable, and check on the procedures for doing so. Make sure you have a timeline understood on both sides before construction begins as well. Your builder is responsible for meeting that timeline.

What is the process for inspections and walkthroughs?
Every builder deals with a permitting and inspections process with the city. They also should provide a final walkthrough to the homebuyer to determine any final fixes or improvements that need to be made. Ask about these processes up front.

What is the builder’s process for fixing things after move-in?
In the event that you find an issue after you move in, you’ll want to know how the builder will address it.

We at Paradisa Homes will help you every step of the way with your custom home. We work to maximize quality, timeliness, and client communication for an enjoyable building experience. Contact us to get your questions answered today.