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Pocket Neighborhoods

Pocket Neighborhoods


In the last ten years, Austin has exploded in both population and coolness factors. With a massive influx of people attracted to the city by its up-and-coming culture, many pocket neighborhoods have popped up all around the city.

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But what are pocket neighborhoods? 

Pocket neighborhoods are hidden gems where you can live close to all the excitement, yet feel far enough away from the hustle of a big city to rest when you need to. You’ll find some of these pockets near downtown or in East Austin and others tucked away on an off-the-map street.


So what makes a pocket neighborhood so special?

Well, they’re often established, but not necessarily well-known. They have a unique mix of residents and a vibe that can’t be found anywhere else (think Trujillo’s or Anderson Lane) and it’s all located close to where you’d want to go anyway!

At Paradisa Homes, we love the quirky Austin vibe and frequently scout around the city to find its hidden gems.


Here are some of our favorite pockets in Austin:

1)Barton Creek Village

This neighborhood is one of our favorites to visit when coming to Austin for events like South By Southwest. It is located along Barton Creek just north of the UT campus and has a very relaxed, outdoorsy atmosphere. The streets are typically lined with parks, pet-friendly houses, and distinctive custom homes. You’ll be able to find some funky storefronts around town in this area too!


2) Highland Village/Breckenridge

This area is a fantastic neighborhood for students because it’s close to downtown yet still totally quiet. It’s also a very walkable neighborhood that has all your Starbucks, grocery stores, and restaurants.


3) Montopolis/Downtown Districts

This neighborhood hugs the downtown districts with excellent access to everything right outside your front door. The area is separated by east and west but has the same vibe. It’s both walkable and bike-friendly and you’ll find old, new, affordable, funky, and everything in between.


4) Bouldin Creek & West Campus

These areas are practically just part of downtown but have enough of a unique feel that they deserve their own mention. They’re off the main drag (Guadalupe St.) and are slightly more relaxed than other parts of downtown (Lake Austin Blvd./Oltorf area). You’ll find a great mix of restaurants, shops, some newer homes (and very few businesses). 


5) City Park

This area is a great extension of Hyde Park (a close-knit, established neighborhood) which is also just south of the UT campus. The houses are classic Austin and have a small-town feel. It’s quiet and relaxed with some local stores and restaurants that draw people from all over town. 

6) Travis Heights

This neighborhood is north of downtown near the South Congress shopping strip. You’ll find some older, funky homes with newer, trendy shops mixed into the area. It’s a great place to live if you want to be close to downtown, but not too close.


As you start to plan the details of your life’s next chapter, it’s good to have a few locations on your radar. While living in a city may be romantic, the long hours and high cost of living can make it difficult to save the way you want to. If you’re looking for a new place to call home, consider these pocket neighborhoods.


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