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Nicole Todd

A true multi-disciplinarian, Nicole oversees a myriad of areas integral to operations inclusive of such things as accounts payable and receivable processing, all things falling under the umbrella of HR, formation and management transition of secondary non-profit entities with outside legal counsel, branding and SEO marketing efforts, as well as aspects of fleet and safety management. With a wealth of experience stemming from time working for both publicly traded and privately held companies in multiple industries, she ensures that the needs of both human capital operational systems are met with sufficient supplies of caffeine, aspirin, understanding, and a decent dose of goodwill and kindness.
Born in El Paso, Texas, Nicole eventually moved to Austin in 2005 and escaped to the outer edges of the greater Austin area in 2009 to Taylor, Texas where she currently resides. She has obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Southern California and a Master in Business Administration from West Texas A&M.

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