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Which New Home Upgrades Are Worth It

April 16, 2018

If you’re building a new home, your mind is probably on your floor plan, not on its resale value. And while we hope you enjoy your new home for many years to come, life is unpredictable. You never know where you’ll be 15 or even 20 years from now. A home is also an investment, so you want to make additions and upgrades that will pay off in the long run.

You can get your money’s worth if you get some improvements in now, while it’s more affordable to make changes. Read on to find out how you can get the biggest bang for your buck!

Upgrades That Improve Your Home’s Resale Value 

Some upgrades are always in style, and they can really boost the resale value of your home — no matter what happens in the future. Here are a few classic improvements that buyers will pay for!

  • High-Quality Windows. A home’s windows are a lot more important than they may seem. Modern homebuyers are particularly interested in windows that both add beauty and light to a space and serve the more practical function of moderating the temperature indoors. But there’s a good reason to invest in windows now, instead of later. Replacing a home’s windows frequently costs several thousand dollars or more, so you want to choose windows that will keep your home comfortable for a long time.

All new Paradisa Homes feature windows with low-E coatings, which significantly improve your home’s energy performance and overall comfort. However, we’re happy to customize windows to your desired level of efficiency as well. So go ahead, spring for that top-tier model, if you like!

Custom cabinetry at 908 Cypress Grove is highlighted by under cabinet lighting which enhances the function and overall appeal of the space. The massive island adds tremendous value as a support for culinary prep as well as an entertainment and work space where family and guests can gather together.

  • Custom Cabinetry and Kitchen Islands. Custom kitchen features are hugely popular with buyers these days. And there are many ways to add personality and convenience to your kitchen by customizing your islands and cabinets. These improvements could add tens of thousands in resale value if you play your cards right.

Cabinets with task lighting and custom drawers and inserts add functionality to this high-profile space in the home. You can get even fancier with islands: from unique, luxury counter surfaces to bar seating to built-in sinks and cooktops, islands give your kitchen plenty of punch!

  • Durable Flooring. Flooring obviously receives a lot of wear and tear throughout its lifetime, so it’s crucial to choose materials that can stand up to the challenge. For instance, you may want to scrap the laminate in favor of a sturdier engineered hardwood. Concrete, ceramic tile, and stone tiles are similarly durable choices that work well in high-moisture areas, like kitchens and bathrooms. The right flooring choice today could save you money on upgrades if there’s a possibility you might sell.

Improvements That Are Cheaper to Add During New Construction

Meanwhile, there are also improvements that are easier to make now, while your home is still being designed and constructed, than add later.

  • Accessibility Improvements. In the flush of excitement that comes with a new home, it’s easy to forget about the future. But your relationship with your home will no doubt change over time as your family grows and you age over time. You never know what will happen: you or a parent may need a home with better accessibility at some point in the future.

Investing in planning now, for elements like ramps, first-floor bedrooms, and wider hallways and doors will leave you prepared, no matter what surprises the future holds. They’re also easier to add as part of new home construction rather than integrating into a future remodel. Demand for these improvements is growing, as well, which means they could potentially add to your resale value.

  • Outdoor Wiring. It never hurts to have additional outlets and lighting outside — especially here in Texas, where the outdoor entertaining season runs all year long. Adding outlets costs up to $250 an outlet for a constructed home, whereas outdoor or landscape lighting might run you several hundred dollars.

Naturally, it’s much easier to add lighting and outlets when there’s no demolition or reconstruction involved. And versatile, beautiful outdoor spaces will certainly improve the value of your space, both in terms of the actual resale price and your day-to-day quality of life!

  • Skylights. Skylights add light to new homes and impart a sense of luxury. But they’re hard to do well. An improperly installed skylight can send energy costs soaring—and may even cause your roof to leak!

It’s a lot more practical to add a skylight while you’re working with an architect who can design your new home’s floor plan and roofing around it. New home builders can ensure that your skylight is placed properly and insulated to prevent moisture and air infiltration.

Decide What’s Important to You

Everyone has a different definition of “value.” For instance, a sunroom may not be the most practical option — at least in terms of boosting your home’s resale value — but the comfort or aesthetic beauty added to your daily life may be well worth the price. After all, a living space that brings joy to your life every day could have an intrinsic value well beyond its worth on paper. That’s something to consider when you plan upgrades for your new home.

When it comes to your the value of your new space, some upgrades are definitely worth writing home about!