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What Makes A Custom home Builder “Custom?”

July 20, 2018

There’s no doubt that building your own custom home is the road less traveled. Most home buyers opt for new tract homes or existing pre-built homes rather than building a home to their own specifications. However, there are some serious benefits to working with a custom home builder, which you can read about here. In short, choosing a custom home means you get a tailored, personalized space that’s constructed exactly to suit your needs. But what exactly are the differences between building a custom home and buying a new production home? Find out more below.

The Customer Is Involved with the Architectural Design
The biggest distinction between a custom home and a production home is the home buyer’s input. Production homes are typically built to an existing floor plan, with few variations in the layout and design. But when home buyers work with a custom home builder, they collaborate with the architect and designer to produce a totally unique blueprint. The type of rooms and their size and layout ultimately hinge on buyer specifications. In a custom home scenario, you can choose to include exclusive features such as a home theater or spa, built-in shelving, integrated smart home appliances and systems, luxurious outdoor living areas, heated floors, a charming breakfast nook, or other attributes that are difficult to find in a mass-produced home. The end result is a one-of-a-kind space built to serve your exact preferences.

The Home Buyer Chooses the Design and Finishes
With a custom home, buyer input doesn’t stop at the blueprint. Custom home builders also allow home buyers to choose all the design elements and accents, including cabinets and countertops, vanities and fixtures, paint colors, and flooring. Whether it’s a waterfall shower, an elaborate wrought-iron door, or a spectacular natural stone accent wall, custom home builders can integrate eye-catching fixtures and features that would be impossible to find in a pre-built home. All the things that make a home beautiful, special, and unique are chosen with your tastes in mind.

The Customer Sets the Priorities
Some tract home builders focus on green materials or building practices. Others pay attention to the layout or the amount of natural light in a space. But when you hire a custom home builder to construct your new home, your priorities take front and center. Unlike a production or tract home built to appeal to the masses, custom home builders craft special, distinctive spaces. If home buyers want to spend their money on the latest technology or top-of-the-line green features, they can. This is to your benefit since it often takes years for production builders to embrace these kinds of advances. Similarly, home buyers who favor unusual or upscale materials, like natural stone, salvaged wood, textured glass, or concrete, can opt for innovative countertops, accent walls, and flooring. There’s no such thing as “builder-grade” with a custom home.

Custom Home Builders Allow the Buyer to Set the Budget
Along those lines, home buyers set the budget for their new builds. Custom home builders are able to make budget-conscious material and design suggestions, and they can typically offer advice on alternatives that will keep you in line with expected costs. Custom home builders also advise customers on features and fixtures that will reduce maintenance costs in the long run, keeping them more cost effective over time. Plus, when you build for yourself, there’s less need to remodel, which means your budget for renovations is generally lower throughout the years. Your budget — today and tomorrow — comes first. These are the chief differences between building a custom home and selecting a tract home with a predetermined layout and minimal design features. To learn more about the process, check out our article on Paradisa’s home building process, or contact us today to talk to a representative. Kick off your new custom home build today!