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How to Build a Home You Can Grow With

January 14, 2020

Building a new home is so much more than designing a beautiful space to live — after all, it’s the place where you’ll create memories for a lifetime. That means it’s important to think beyond the needs and desires of the present day and plan your designs to accommodate the future changes that life will bring for you and your family. Here are the most strategic ways to design a home that will suit and adapt to your changing needs, for both a present and a future of function and beauty.

Plan with the Sun in Mind

Natural light is something that stays in style no matter what home trends come and go or what changes you and your family go through. Research even shows that regular access to natural sunlight has positive effects on our health. To reap the rewards of as much sunlight as possible, you’ll want to take into account the number and type of windows: picture windows and sliding glass doors offer expansive views and maximum light. 

You’ll also want to consider the layout and positioning with regard to the sun. South- and east-facing windows get the most sunlight. 

Design for Ultimate Privacy and Protection

A home gives not just a roof over our heads, but a sense of security and protection, too — and homes can be designed to maximize that feeling. Here are some privacy considerations to keep in mind when you’re in the designing stages of your home build:

  • How far away from the street and other neighbors will your house sit? This is especially important if there’s a chance that new homes or commercial spaces will continue to be built near your home.  
  • How much of the inside of your home is on view when the front door is open? A smaller entryway or vestibule gives a buffer of privacy between your home’s interior and anyone walking or driving by. 
  • Whether to keep children or pets safely contained, or just for general privacy, will you feel better having a fence? If neighboring lots are closely spaced, consider the layout of your windows and whether a tall fence is necessary to prevent a neighbor from having an unintended view into your home. 
  • Do you need additional privacy from your neighbors? Exterior features such as awnings or pergolas can also obstruct the view for neighbors who are a bit closer than you’d like. 

Create Lines of Connection

These days, technology has taken over our lives in such a way that the lines between work and play are more blurred than ever. This makes for multi-tasking parents who are juggling different demands and deadlines while simultaneously entertaining kids. Here are some ways to make that easier:

  • Forget the formal dining rooms that you end up using only one or two nights of the year. Make the most of your space by creating casual meal areas such as a farmhouse table, island benches, or nooks. These spots offer enough space for homework, grown-up work, and other activities while also being a natural space for friends and family to congregate. Most importantly, make sure they’re centrally located so that you can always keep an eye on the kids while you’re getting other work done. 
  • Make sure your back-of-the-house rooms — the kitchen, especially — offer a full view of outdoor and indoor play areas, including the pool if you have one. 

Be Strategic About Bedroom Sizes and Locations

If you’re a young or growing family, having your kids’ bedrooms close to the master bedroom is important for safety’s sake. But once your kids reach their adolescent years, you might start craving a little more space — and quiet! 

A great way to accommodate both needs is to create a smaller, multi-purpose room next to the master bedroom, which can be used as a nursery and bedroom for toddlers and young children. As they get older, they can be moved to another bedroom, and their original bedroom can be repurposed as a study, office, or home gym room. If you have elderly family members, or any with special needs, it’s wise to keep at least one ground-level bedroom that has easy bathroom access. 

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