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The Hottest Kitchen Style Trends for 2018

February 5, 2018

The jury’s still out for 2018 as a whole, but this year is definitely looking up — at least where kitchen styles are concerned! Today’s kitchens are an elegant blend of classic elements like natural woods and vintage fixtures with new, exciting accents like smart appliances and pops of bright color.

Overall, these trends mark a huge departure from the neutral, subtle kitchens of last year, bringing a fresh outlook to the home design scene: that kitchen decor can actually be fun! Here are some of the best new trends that have ruled the kitchen design scene so far.

The Kitchen as a Technological Home Hub
Technology has thoroughly infiltrated every corner of our lives, so why should it stop short of the kitchen? In fact, a number of new devices have found a cozy home there, from the futuristic touchscreen-topped refrigerator to the practical charging station for smartphones and tablet and ubiquitous voice-controlled assistants like Google Home and Alexa.

And that means that kitchen design is changing, too. Homeowners are going all in for smart LED lighting and faucets, and even speakers that turn on with a single command. The shift to use of smart home technology has been slower than some experts predicted, but by many accounts this year may be a major turning point. Overall, their adoption points to higher energy efficiency in appliances and devices and improved usability for the young, old, and disabled. They may also make many household tasks easier and more efficient for busy families or individuals with hectic schedules. When it comes to convenience, the future is looking bright indeed!

Appliances Get Even More Stylish
There used to be only three options for kitchen appliances: white, black, or stainless steel. Thankfully, it looks like the days of monotone toasters and coffee makers are permanently behind us, as homeowners rush to embrace a more joyful, vibrant palette. While smaller appliances like stand mixers have mainly gone for a midcentury modern makeover, many larger appliances are being swapped out entirely for high-tech design with a slimmer profile.

For instance, we’re starting to see convection and steam ovens taking the place of classic gas and electric ovens, while flat cooktops replace traditional stovetop ranges. With smart tech developers moving in on household appliances, we expect that many kitchens will receive a new, chic overhaul in the years to come.

Kitchen Surfaces Get a Pop of Personality
As much as we adore the white kitchen trend, it’s nice to see decorators opting for something more colorful this year, as bright, bold hues like millennial pink and pastel yellow make an entrance into the scene. In particular, homeowners are embracing a subtler palette with small flashes of bright color standing out against a neutral background. Think: a peach pendant light fixture or a set of perky aquamarine shelves in an open kitchen cabinet. Or maybe you want to turn heads by installing a decorative range hood with hand carved accents or painting the interiors of your cabinets bright yellow. It’s all fair game this year, so now is the time to finally try out that funky patterned backsplash you’ve had on your “kitchen ideas” Pinterest board!

Choose Your Own Kitchen Aesthetic
Transitional decor is not so much about a single trend as it is blending multiple styles and aesthetics for a unique, personalized look. Traditionally the overarching rule in the kitchen was matching: this extended through elements like appliance suites, color-coordinated towels, and compatible fixtures. Well, no longer!

Today, we’re seeing stylish wood panel walls like the ones featured on Fixer Upper, mixed with industrial concrete countertops and Victorian brass fixtures — and all of it works! The key to nailing transitional kitchen style is balance: eras, colors, and patterns must be echoed throughout the room so that no one piece appears out of harmony. With so many different design characteristics and colors to choose from, you can make this style your own!

Revamped Kitchen Storage Where Style Meets Convenience
Sorry, Marie Kondo — your 15 minutes are over! Today, minimalism takes a backseat to well-articulated cabinets and storage options, marking a more practical approach to the magic of tidying up. Homeowners are installing appliance garages to house bulky, unattractive small appliances and adding pullouts and rollout trays in cabinets and drawers. Multi-functional breakfast islands are being assigned new roles: serving as a wine rack, bar cart, spice holder or open shelving system. Revamped pantries are appearing along wide kitchen walls, where they can act as both storage and eye candy.

Overall, it’s a huge shift from the minimalist kitchen styles we were seeing a few years ago. With decor like this, 2018 is shaping up to be a great year!