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Home Builder Design Style Spotlight: Why Modern Farmhouse Homes are Taking Over Austin

October 31, 2019

Who doesn’t love the charmingly vintage and rustic appeal of a farmhouse? A classic staple of architecture, it harkens back to simpler times when our ancestors were living off of the land—literally!—and needed a functional and practical homestead to protect and house the people who owned or worked on the farms. 

Of course, these days most of us do our work from laptops and iPads rather from deep in the fields, but we still can’t help but love farmhouses for their timeless warmth and elegant simplicity. Read on to find out how the trend of modernizing these historical homes is taking Austin by storm via new and improved modern farmhouse home designs.

What Does a Classic Farmhouse Look Like?

A traditional farmhouse—like those built by the early German settlers of Central Texas—is a humble yet yet refined style of architecture that reflected the simplicity and practicality of the hardworking people who called these spaces home. A traditional farmhouse is most well known for its sense of openness. Wide doorways, high ceilings, an open floor plan, and large windows establish a sense of space that echoes the wide open fields just outside the farmhouse walls. You’d be hard pressed to find a farmhouse without a wide, spacious front porch and deep eaves to shade a home from the day’s sun. Because of the abundance of wood back then, it was the obvious choice of building material for these homes. A farmhouse’s signature wide-plank floors, panelled wood walls, and exposed wood beams give these spaces a sense of earthiness that just feels like home. 

How Are Modern Farmhouses Different? 

Mimicking the folksy yet polished vibes of its predecessor, the modern farmhouse takes the minimalist, relaxed style and adds sleek, contemporary touches. It’s not quite as rustic, but still incorporates the same sense of homey warmth, with features including:

  • A classic gable roof—although rather than the traditional white wooden roof, newer farmhouses tend to prefer a black or grey metal roof for a modern twist. 
  • Wide open porches, often in the front and back, or wraparound style.
  • Farmhouse sinks (also known as apron sinks), usually made from porcelain.
  • Board and batten siding
  • Indoor shiplap
  • Barn boards for accent panelling and butcher block for countertops
  • Industrial elements to help modernize the traditional farmhouse style, including stainless steel appliances and lighting fixtures.

How the Modern Farmhouse Trend Has Overtaken Austin 

Of course, we can’t discuss the modern farmhouse trend in Austin without giving a nod to fellow Texans Joanna and Chip Gaines, the HGTV home-flippers with a penchant for updating old farmhouses. Their wildly popular Waco-based Magnolia Market also sells all kinds of farmhouse home furnishings and decor that helped spark a trend in the home design world—especially here in home-design-savvy Austin. In fact, the open floor plans and clean lines of farmhouses have replaced the trend of Tuscan-style homes in the Austin area, according to home builders in Austin. Drive around any neighborhood in the capital of Texas and you’ll notice the wide porches, white exteriors, and gable roofs of these modern farmhouses. It makes sense, since farmhouse architecture is based on the minimalism we also see in modern design—and on so many Austin homes—but it also adds a humble warmth that makes a house truly feel like home. 

Here at Paradisa Homes, we’re Austin home builders who want to help bring your vision of a one-of-a-kind space to life‚ whether that means a full-fledged farmhouse down to the last detail, or a more modern home with minimal farmhouse touches. Want to see if we have any modern farmhouse homes currently available? Check out our available homes here: If not, contact us to help you build the modern farmhouse home of your dreams! Contact us today to learn how our architects and designers can help you build your own stunning and long-lasting home on the range.