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Featured neighborhoods – Allandale

Featured neighborhoods – Allandale

Allandale is one of the many wonderful neighborhoods in Austin in which we build our homes. Allandale is located in north-central Austin, near Brentwood and Highland Hills. It is a highly sought-after neighborhood because of its mix between being residential and offering many entertainment options. 

Allandale is a quiet neighborhood with a population of approximately 9,961 people. It has a great mix between old and new. People have lived in the neighborhood for years since many of the houses were built in the 60s and 70s, however, people of all ages and demographics alike are moving to Allandale due to its selection of houses, duplexes, and condos for sale.

Here are 3 things you need to know about Allandale:

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Easy access to popular Austin areas

Alladale is known for having very quick access to popular Austin areas such as the Arboretum and Shoal Creek Bike Trail. It also has easy access to downtown Austin as well as Austin’s high-tech corridor, making it ideal for people that work at companies such as Apple, Amazon, 3M, and HP. Allandale borders MoPac on the west and Rt. 2222 runs through the neighborhood, making it easy to get to other points of the city.

Local shops and entertainment options


Allandale is a great mix between urban and suburban. It has quiet and residential areas while also having many bars, restaurants, and other places where people can spend their time. Burnet Road is the area’s main commercial strip where you can find unique boutiques of handmade gifts,  jewelry, and home décor. There are also plenty of restaurants from foodie hotspots to relaxed pubs and bars all within a walking distance.

Close-knit community


Allandale is known for its relaxed atmosphere and easy-going community. It has an active neighborhood association that holds one of the biggest annual Fourth of July parades. Allandale is also known for being a good place for couples with small children. It’s a safe, quiet, suburban neighborhood with schools and parks in the area. 

Overall, Allandale is a great place to live in Austin. It is a perfect place for families looking for a quieter slice of Austin. Check out some of the houses we have available in Allandale here.

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