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New Farmhouse Style Custom Homes

May 15, 2020

If you keep up with architectural trends, you’ve heard the term “new farmhouse” before. It’s the go-to design style for a modern spin on a much-loved classic. The modern farmhouse borrows elements from traditional frontier structures and gives it an updated twist, for a space that’s streamlined but still connected to its natural surroundings. Keep reading to learn more about this beloved new trend, and how you can work with a custom home builder to customize your new home with new farmhouse appeal.

What Classifies New Farmhouse Design?

The new farmhouse architectural trend — also known as modern or urban farmhouse style — is modeled on the traditional farmhouse that dominated much of the country’s agricultural roots. Domestic architecture back then was more about practicality rather than aesthetic form. But these farmhouses just so happened to be quite beautiful, too, with their spacious layout, wide porches, and cozy, rustic feel.

New farmhomes combine the sleek, clean lines of contemporary design with the warmth and simplicity of a country living-inspired style, for a space that feels simultaneously modern and time honored. Custom homebuilding in Austin is an especially easy way to pick and choose the farmhouse elements you love most, for the perfect balance of old-meets-new. Architectural elements that define the modern farmhouse trend include:

  • Large openings. Open floor plans have been a trend of the past ten years or so, and they owe it all to traditional farmhouses, which rejected the confined interiors of Colonial- and Victorian-style homes in favor of spacious layouts and openings. In modern farmhomes, windows and doors are wide and plentiful, allowing for a practical linking of interior and exterior spaces. Perfect for homes with children or owners who prioritize socializing, these large spaces also allow exterior views from anywhere in the home.
  • Wide porches, often covered. A porch isn’t uncommon for most homes, but this architectural design is what defines a modern farmhouse — and it’s not your typical porch. New farmhouses feature large, wide porches, often covered, that wrap around most of or all of the home. Intended to accommodate chairs, tables, and porch swings, the farmhouse porch is as important as any room of the home, serving as a gathering spot for socializing, eating, and relaxing to enjoy the view.
  • Metal roof. A metal roof is another staple of new farmhouse style because it adds a sleek, modern edge to a rustic look while also proving to be functional. In fact, metal is one of the most energy-efficient roofing materials on the market, which means it will keep your home cooler during hot Austin summers.
  • Woodwork. The true hallmark of farmhouse design — whether traditional or modern — is an aesthetic that feels warm and lived-in, and nothing captures this feeling better than an abundance of woodwork. Reclaimed and distressed woods are an especially fitting choice and can be used for  frame construction, wide-planked floors, exposed ceiling beams, and even smaller design details. 
  • Tongue-and-groove paneling, shiplap, and butt boards. Traditional farmhomes were not made from drywall. Instead, these types of paneling offer a homey composition to walls. Both tongue-and-groove and shiplap are most commonly used to panel entire walls, especially in the bathroom or kitchen. And when painted white, they evoke the coziness of a classic farmhouse.
  • Double-hung windows. The most common windows of the traditional American farmhome is a double-hung window that is taller than it is wide. These original windows had a no-frills look, with trim painted the same color as the exterior, but adding bold trim colors and shutters offers an instant twist for an updated style.

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