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Fall in Love with These 2019 Kitchen Trends

March 21, 2019

Just as in the world of fashion, kitchen trends come and go. From black-and-white checkered linoleum to avocado-green appliances and brass lighting fixtures, there are plenty of looks that we’re glad are long in the past. And every new year is a chance to see what’s new and exciting in the world of design and technology that influences the way we outfit our kitchens. Check out our favorite 2019 kitchen trends below!

Colored Cabinets

Forget the traditional white or blonde wood cabinets of yesterday — 2019 is all about bright and unexpected pops of color to add some cheeriness to the most important room in the home. Try a rich forest green for instant sophistication, a cobalt blue for bold inspiration, or even a shell pink for a dose of sweetness. No matter what shade you choose, color on your kitchen cabinetry serves as a focal point of the room, giving your kitchen an instant makeover.

If you have reservations about an entire room of one color, try contrasting cabinets, with the color on the bottom and white (or a lighter shade) on the top cabinets to draw the eye up and make your kitchen feel larger. To tie it all in, add some metallic hardware to really make your color pop.

View of 2900 Greenlawn kichen

Statement Appliances

Let’s face it: Appliances are the eyesores of the kitchen. We try to cover them in many different ways — by choosing neutral colors to blend in, or slapping on bulky refrigerator magnets to cover them up. But let’s take a page from Marie Kondo for a moment. What if you looked at your appliances as unique artwork to proudly display? This fiery-orange stove anchors the entire kitchen, immediately drawing the eye to it. It seems to promise home-cooked meals that are every bit more delicious than could possibly come from the mouth of a standard (ahem, boring) stainless steel stove.

Or what about this mint-green Big Chill refrigerator? Available in a wide selection of colors and styles, this statement piece is a slice of fifties retro perfection — just imagine all the Jello molds and deviled eggs it can hold!

Smart Ovens

We’re already at a Jetsonian level for our kitchens. Smart ovens give us the utmost flexibility in our busy lives, allowing us to provide healthy, home-cooked meals more easily than ever before. With Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can control a connected oven from your phone, and even pair it with other smart appliances like a dishwasher, microwave, or refrigerator.

Smart ovens also pair with voice-controlled assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home, walking you through your recipe step by step without having to touch a phone screen or cookbook. Best of all, smart ovens have more flexible cooktop configurations and induction burners, so you can cook faster — even when you’re not in the room.

bright kitchen with brick walls

Raw Materials

Just as shiplap once dominated the trendiest kitchens, raw materials are the new kid on the block to beautify kitchens of all shapes, sizes, and design styles. They’re perfect for anyone who favors a minimalist or rustic aesthetic, loves the natural look of exposed elements, and appreciates the long-lasting quality of natural craftsmanship. Using raw materials in the kitchen is also an easy step toward a more eco-friendly home, since these elements are recycled for sustainability.

Raw materials might sound like the work of luxury custom home builders, but this trend is accessible for any kitchen, regardless of budget. The most popular raw materials for kitchens are stone, jute, leather, and wood — use them in countertops, backsplashes, sinks, ceiling beams, cabinetry, and even accessories like hardware and drawer pulls.

With a pinch of technology, a dash of artistic design, and heaping of eco-sensibility, the kitchen trends of 2019 are a mixture of the very best ingredients. Whether you’re looking for the best home builders or just need some help working on your home remodel, let Paradisa Homes help you incorporate these exciting trends into your new home — contact us today.