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Details you must not overlook when buying a house

Details you must not overlook when buying a house

Buying a house is complicated. Not only is it an enormous responsibility but also a big investment with a huge impact on our future. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration and it’s really difficult to keep track of all of them at the same time, especially if emotions, stress, or doubt get entangled in the process. So naturally, people sometimes overlook things. Maybe because they genuinely missed the red flag or because the house had a feature that they really liked and they felt it was worth compromising something. Whatever the case, in the long run, this normally may turn into regret.

If you are in the process of buying a new home or just starting to think about it, here are five things that you must not overlook in your deciding process:

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Surrounding area

The neighborhood is as important as the house itself, if not more. You must consider factors such as how safe the area is, if it includes important amenities such as grocery stores, shops, and restaurants, does it have good schools nearby or is it close to your workplace? It may seem unimportant at the beginning, but how well you feel in the neighborhood can actually make you completely regret your decisions. Elements as communal areas, parks, and parking spaces must also be considered. And of course, don’t underestimate the importance of fitting it with the community in the neighborhood.

Not saving enough


Money is of course one of the main factors to consider while buying a new home. You must have a budget and respect it or it could lead you into financial problems. 

A lot of steps must be taken, like checking your credit score, settling on a down payment and shopping for mortgages. Between all of that, sometimes people lose track or overlook a lot of the other variable expenses that come with buying property and don’t include them in their budget. Insurance, repairs, homeowner association fees, property taxes – you should have the income and the budget to handle all of these things if they are relevant to your purchase. And don’t forget about closing costs! Which can come to 2% to 5% of a home’s sale price.

Commute and transportation


It may not seem a very big deal at the beginning, but having to spend three hours in traffic every day can wear anyone down. No matter how perfect the house, the pricing, and even the neighborhood, if it’s too far from you and your family’s main activities it may not be worth it. Consider your time restrictions, gas budget, and simply the hassle of being stuck in traffic daily. Again, it may not seem like too much of a sacrifice the first couple of weeks, but in the future, it may raise many many problems for the whole family. 

Know what you are investing in


Always think into the future and consider how good of an investment you are making with your purchase. For example, buying a fixer-upper can be really expensive in renovations, but doing so in an area that is growing to become more popular offers the possibility of an increase in the value of your house. 

Bottom-line is that you need to be aware of many factors to be happy with your future house. There may not be a 100% perfect option but you should always focus on trying to check all of these boxes. Learn more about our current listings and elements that we incorporate into our Paradisa homes.

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