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Design tips for outdoor spaces

Design tips for outdoor spaces

As people spend more and more time at home, having a great outdoor space is crucial for overall well being. Current trends for outdoor living are all about making these spaces part of your everyday life. Outdoor spaces go beyond being a place to hang out with friends or family, they have become sanctuaries for wellness and relaxation.

According to the American Home Furnishings Association, 68% of people use their outdoor space several times a week! It is also true that people in Texas (and especially in Austin) love spending time outdoors year-round. Outdoor spaces are an essential part of any luxury home. It should be a place that meets the needs of every owner and that provides relaxation and entertainment through practicality.

Naturally, creating luxurious and practical outdoor spaces has become a priority for builders in all places. Their design should be given as much attention as the interior and it’s necessary to ensure that it will be a functional space year round.

Here are some design tips for outdoor spaces that can make all the difference:


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Native plants and smart landscaping

Did you know that invasive plants harm the environment and can be a cause of natural habitat loss? Native plants are a must in any outdoor space! Having native plants in residential gardens provide year-round beauty plus they use less water. They are resilient since they belong naturally to the environment, therefore making it easier to maintain a healthy and thriving garden. This reduces future maintenance and it’s environmentally friendly! We understand that attractive landscaping is a factor that significantly contributes to the style and value of our homes which is why we focus on comprehensive design with plants that are native to the Central Texas climate. Plus, each landscape planted is paired with an irrigation system designed to help conserve water!

Prioritize privacy and safety


Taking the time to really think about the most efficient layout for a kitchen can make all the difference. Considering how we use kitchen space for things such as daily use, but also entertaining, can provide the key as to how to plan the space for efficient flow and storage. Open layouts provide easy access to different spaces such as the living room and dining room while also allowing light to shine through. Another essential feature is having great storage! We focus on maximizing storage space while inherently contributing to the feel and functionality of our kitchens. Having high quality cabinetry in our homes is crucial for organizational design so that you can live your life clutter free.

Outdoor kitchens 

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more common! People in Texas enjoy a good barbecue and hanging out with the family outside, therefore planning your layout accordingly is a great idea. However, did you know that the majority of adults report spending 5 or fewer hours per week outdoors in nature? It is so important for outdoor spaces to be flexible and have the adaptations to meet clients needs. This added luxury makes all the difference in transforming outdoor spaces into a place of fun and relaxation. 

Overall, having an outdoor space that is right for your family is a fantastic luxury to have in a home. Creating smart floor plans that allow for both entertainment and relaxation can transform your home into an oasis. Great outdoor spaces also consider smart landscaping through the use of native plants and irrigation systems that work just right and that reduce water waste. Privacy should also be a priority, fully-fenced yards are the best way to keep your property safe. Finally, outdoor kitchens are an added luxury that can raise the bar of any space. 

Having a thoughtfully designed home makes all the difference for owners. Our specialized team of designers, architects and builders, transform each home into a luxury experience. At Paradisa we’ll help you find a home in Austin you’ll fall in love with.

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