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His Or Hers: Design Your Custom Home With Features For You Both

May 25, 2018

Designing a home is hard enough when you have one set of requirements to worry about. But when you build with your spouse or significant other, it’s not just your needs in the mix. You and your partner will have to work together to build a custom home you both love.

In particular, couples need to collaborate around shared spaces: master baths, closets, and kitchens, where you’ll both have your own thoughts on the layout. Additionally, you’ll want to build private retreats where you can do work alone, such as a separate office for each partner. Here’s what to think about when you work with a custom home builder as a couple.

Shared Master Bath Features

Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly blames separate bathrooms for her separation from Chris Martin. Sir Michael Caine, meanwhile, says it’s the glue that holds his marriage together! The takeaway here is that every couple is different, and what works for one may not work for another.

His and hers bathrooms make sense if you both have busy mornings where convenience is key. For this situation, building a master bedroom with dual en suite bathrooms is certainly an option. However, if you believe in the importance of “bathroom bonding,” a double sink vanity, coupled with a large shower with multiple shower heads, ensures you won’t be fighting for mirror time.

No Such Thing As Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

With access to new technologies like sous vide and air fryers, and a wider range of high-quality exotic ingredients available, anyone can have a four-star experience in their own kitchen. More home cooks are experimenting with haute cuisine, trying their hand at home fermentation, heritage meats, elaborate pastry, and other skilled cooking techniques.

Cooking duties are no longer delegated to one half of a couple; these days, they’re an activity that partners enjoy together. Maybe one bakes while one sautes, or one reads the recipe while one preps and cooks. However it works, it’s clear that tiny kitchens and cramped countertops are not suitable for the modern couple.

If you have more than one cook in your kitchen, you’ll want to extend the counter surfaces so there’s enough workspace for everyone. That means adding islands or counter room so there’s ample room for prep, cooking, and baking. You may even want to consider an extra cooktop or an integrated double oven wall so that both partners can cook to their heart’s content — without stepping on each others’ toes.

Getting the Most out of Your Closet Space

Many people assume that closets are the exclusive domain of femdom, but these days, anybody can have a wide variety of clothes and accessories. (In fact, rumor has it that Christina Aguilera’s fiance, Matt Rutler, has his own closet that functions something like a miniature man-cave).

Couples have plenty of options when it comes to closet space, especially in custom homes. Instead of paring down your belongings to fit your space, you can build the space to suit your needs. A two-sided walk-in or even separate closets are two modern ways to handle the overflow of multiple wardrobes.

In particular, custom closets have been a huge trend of late. These spaces function not merely as storage, but as a lounge and dressing area as well. They feature large mirrors, modular floor-to-ceiling shelving, built-in hampers, recessed lighting, and even seating, so owners have everything they need to stage their own Instagram-ready looks.

Although men’s closets tend to feature more traditionally masculine designs — wood shelving and darker color schemes — it’s clear that closets aren’t just for the ladies anymore.

Dual Office Spaces Give Everyone a Space to Work

Working in 2018 means you’re going to be at home on your laptop sometimes. But when you and your significant other both need to use the office to do remote work, things can get cramped fast.

Building your custom home with separate office spaces solves that problem. When you design your home’s layout, pay particular attention to natural light sources. Build offices with ample window access, which has been shown to boost productivity and will make it easier to feel like working when you’re at home.

Place offices away from busy hallways, entrances, and other high-traffic areas that may be distracting. Build your design so that there is a spare bedroom, hall, or other space between the two offices. That way, if someone has to take a call or see a client, it won’t be disturbing to the other!

With some careful, thoughtful design, you and your partner can build spaces you’ll both love — and who knows, it may just prevent some marital strife!