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How to Decide Where to Buy a New Home in Austin

September 18, 2017

Deciding where to buy your new home in Austin is a deeply personal choice, reflective of your priorities, values, and anticipated life events in the coming years. Below are just a few guidelines we hope will help you narrow where to build or buy.


How important is it to have a 10-minute commute versus a 45-minute commute? Do you always expect to work downtown, or will you likely end up in the tech corridor in North Austin? Prioritizing whether you want a short commute combined with whether you anticipate your job location changing will begin to narrow your search process.

School Quality and Available Resources

Do you have kids or expect to have kids in the future? Check the school ratings in the areas you’re thinking about building. Make sure your children can get the best education possible as well as access quality afterschool programs and extracurricular activities. In addition, take a drive through neighborhoods to see if there are other kids nearby, or if it doesn’t appear to be as kid- and family-friendly as you’d like. Even if you do not have kids, buying or building in an area with good schools is likely to lock in a good resale value, should you find yourself making a change several years in the future.

Outdoor Amenities

How much time do you and your significant other or family like to spend outside? Consider lot and yard size as well as accessibility of Austin’s outdoor amenities, like the multiple hike and bike trail systems or Deep Eddy Pool. If you have kids to consider, are there nearby playscapes or parks? Do the neighborhoods you’re considering have sidewalks, or do you have to walk in the street? If you are a pet parent, are there nearby dog parks or off-leash areas for your dog to unwind?


Access has several implications. First, think about access to highways and major thoroughfares. Will you be able to easily navigate the city and get to popular destinations? Second, will it be a pain to get in and out of your neighborhood? In other words, how busy and safe is the street you’ll have to turn onto when you leave home? There are benefits of small neighborhoods, which often foster a strong sense of community, and can be as close to amenities and up-and-coming areas as larger neighborhoods.

Choosing where to buy a home is a big decision, and we hope these points will help you as you begin your new home search. So much of the decision relates to proximity — to work, schools, and amenities — but it truly comes down to where you feel most at home.

Check out our neighborhood guide on our Scenic Point Subdivision, and stay tuned for future guides to help you find the right neighborhood for you.


Photo Credit: Maps of Austin