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Why Custom Home Building Is For You

March 5, 2018

Do the words “tract home” inspire excitement in you? That’s what many buyers get when they purchase a new home: a production home that looks a lot like all the other houses in the neighborhood. The builders behind those blueprints aim to appeal to the masses — not to individual tastes. So you won’t find any custom solariums or personalized wine cellars!

On the other hand, a custom home designed and built exclusively for your family can include any kind of feature your imagination and your Pinterest account can dream up. That certainly gives custom homes an edge on any old house on the market — but there are many additional advantages to working directly with a builder and designer. Here are a few of the lesser-known benefits.

You Get the Latest Building Materials and Techniques—Whatever Your Preferences

You might think that builders have had the rules of home construction set in stone for decades — homes have been around for a long time, after all. But home building is a constantly evolving science. New materials and construction techniques are popping up all the time.

For instance, a home built today may have blown cellulose insulation in the attic, which significantly improves the home’s energy performance. An older home may not. Brand new homes also tend to have energy-efficient double pane windows and fire-safe insulation and carpeting. Although you’ll likely have access to these features with any new home, with a custom home, you can choose how far you decide to take them. You could employ cutting edge building techniques, like insulated concrete forms that improve the performance of your thermal envelope. Whatever it takes to help you lead a healthier, happier life in your new home, your custom home builder is happy to oblige.

You’ll Probably Pay Less for Your Energy Bills

Many new building techniques center around improving home energy efficiency. New houses typically have tighter building envelopes than resale homes, meaning less of your hard-earned cash goes to heating and cooling bills.

Paradisa Homes proudly features cutting-edge efficiency materials and technologies, such as windows and sliding glass doors with Low-E glass — a specialized coating that improves the energy performance of your home. We also install energy-efficient tankless water heaters and add spray foam insulation to inside walls and roofs to create a tight barrier against heating and cooling loss.

But as custom home builders, we can take the process as far as you want, installing cutting edge insulation systems, top-tier HVAC units, and state-of-the-art windows that will save you even more. The world — well, several hundred square feet of it, that is — is your oyster!

You Can Build for Now—And Later

Most people buy their first home in their 30s. Because of this, many homes are designed with growing families in mind. But a young family has a very different set of priorities from a pair of empty-nesters enjoying their retirement years.

Custom homes allow you to plan for the future by designing a home that works for now — and for later. We can help you add in first-floor bedrooms, wide doorways, and other accessibility features that will help you live your best life in your home, no matter what age you are.

You Control the Priorities in Your Home Design

Want us to use recycled materials? You got it! In love with mid-century modern? No problem! A little tight on cash? We can design a home to fit your budget!

Building a custom home means you get to be the chief architect, head designer, and project manager, all in one. We can include unique design features, whether it’s decorative millwork or a standout turret worthy of a medieval castle. But we can also tailor your build around a variety of other factors, like your budget, your lifestyle, and where you see yourself in 20 years. You’re the boss!

You’ll Get More Home for Your Buck

Pound-for-pound, custom building is just more efficient than buying a resale or a new tract home. It may even save you money. Many people simply move when their old house starts to cramp their style. But with home prices on the rise, it’s not necessarily cost effective to buy a new home every time you want a new feature.

Working directly with architects and designers means you get all the home features you want, and none you don’t. These aren’t just homes, after all — they’re dream homes.