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Custom Home Building in the Fall and Winter

October 30, 2020

In the past, conventional wisdom for homebuilders was, if you can’t get the roof on before the first snowfall, wait until spring. However, fall and winter construction is possible, and while it will pose some weather challenges, it can also offer some advantages, too. Keep reading to find out the answers to some commonly asked questions about winter building in Texas.

Challenges of Custom Home Building During Colder Months

Inclement weather is the first challenge that springs to mind for most of us at the thought of building a new home during the winter. And even though Austin falls and winters are mild compared to most of the country’s, these few months of the year can still present real challenges, including the following.

Inclement weather

Thankfully, we Austinites don’t get the harsh winters that much of the rest of the country receives, but it’s not exactly Barton Springs Pool weather from October through February. It’s not uncommon for temperatures to dip into the freezing zone, and we also get frequent bouts of rain, too. These freezing and/or rainy days can slow things down, especially in the stages of building the foundation, or if you’re attempting a landscaping project. At the end of December and beginning of January, plants may freeze and die.

Materials are also vulnerable to the cold. Concrete won’t set properly once you get below a certain temperature, and stacks of lumber or cans of paint are temperature sensitive and can’t be left outside or in an area that could freeze. It’s also possible for water lines to freeze when the plumbing system is being installed.


The holidays are arguably the best part of the fall and winter. As people take time to spend with their families, travel, or hunker down on school and work breaks, businesses tend to slow down as well. Builders are no different, which is why building a home during the holidays can add to build times, on both the construction side and the vendor side. Holidays can also delay financing for that same reason. 

Dangerous working conditions

Finally, if conditions become too harsh or slippery — think hail and Texas ice — work crews may need to stop working temporarily to protect themselves, which could push back a move-in date even further.

Benefits of Building a Custom Home During the Fall or Winter

Contrary to popular belief, building a home during the fall and — especially — winter months can have its advantages, including the following.

More Availability

During the “off season” of building, you can likely get onto builder’s schedules more easily making for quicker build times. You may also have more access to materials that would otherwise be sold out or backordered during peak season times which can also lead to a faster project completion. 

Pleasant weather

As much as we love cooling off in a Texas swimming hole each summer, the days of 100-degree temperatures can be downright exhausting — and the colder weather of fall and winter can feel like a huge relief. If you’re aware of and prepared for the cons of building a home during the winter, then the payoff is that the weather can be much more pleasant. This also ties into the issue of timing, because springtime usually means school commitments and incessant rain, while summer can be too busy with planned vacations and kids at home. 


While winter may not be kind to our plant friends, fall can be just right. If your plants and landscaping are appropriately watered and planted before it freezes, they will all look much better in the spring when everything comes back to life. 

Good deals on specialty products

If you’re looking for a specialty product — something outside of what your builder normally offers from its supply lines — you’re more likely to find those products on sale during the winter. That’s because the end of the year means close-outs as businesses try to liquidate. The bonus for you is that you get what you want on sale, and can arrange to have your builder incorporate it into your new home. 

So What’s the Final Verdict?

Building in the fall and winter has some challenges that you’ll need to prepare for when you think about your move-in timeline. However, Paradisa can help you prepare for all of these possible challenges to ensure that the building and move-in process is as smooth and simple as possible. 

Fall and winter may not be the ideal time to break ground for some folks, but it is an ideal time to start planning your build. If you’re proactive, it will allow you plenty of time to plan, find good deals on specialty products, tweak your designs, and line up financing for a speedy spring home build. 

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