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What Does a Custom Home Builder Do?

August 28, 2017

Building a custom home is a great way to bring your vision of a perfect home to life. A good builder will work to maximize timeliness, remain communicative, and ensure quality throughout the build. They’ll be your guide through each phase of the process.


The custom home builder will work with you to coordinate costs and design your ideal home, inside and out. This will likely involve working with an architect, interior designer, and landscape specialists.


One of the first steps is selecting location. You can bring your own lot to a builder, or hire a builder who will help you select the perfect neighborhood and lot on which to build. Either way, your builder is also responsible for determining your new home’s setbacks, or how far away from both the street and your neighbors’ homes your house will be built.

The next step is general permitting, all of which is your builder’s responsibility. They act as liaison with local government to ensure everything with your house and lot is up to code throughout the building process.


Your builder will sub-contract or coordinate with their in-house team to lay the foundation and install the framing, roofing, walls, siding, flooring, electric, heat, plumbing, and more. The local code department will search the building site throughout the process for code violations, but your builder should already be one step ahead to ensure you are a satisfied customer—and that everything is up to code before inspection.

In short, a good builder will oversee all the teams to ensure the house is completed according to the highest standard of quality as well as the agreed upon timeline and budget.


After construction is complete, your custom home builder will notify the appropriate city or municipal departments that the home is ready for its final inspection. They will clean the site, secure city inspections, and be ready to hand you the keys to your new custom home.

Custom home builder Paradisa Homes offers a streamlined construction process and follows a standard development order to design your home while maximizing quality, timeliness, and client communication for an enjoyable building experience. Contact us to learn more.