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Create the Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Space

January 5, 2018

Just bought a new home? Break out the champagne — it’s time for a celebration! And everyone knows the best way to show off your new home is with a top-notch outdoor party! Well-decorated, comfy patios, porches, and outdoor living spaces are sure to draw envious looks from all the neighbors. But don’t worry, they’ll be too overwhelmed by your hospitality to stay jealous for long. Here are our top recommendations for stylish and satisfying outdoor entertaining.

Don’t Sacrifice Aesthetic

Outdoor pieces need to be sturdy enough to withstand the elements. But that doesn’t mean boring, by any means. Savvy decorators use unique candle holders, colorful accent rugs, and eye-catching centerpieces to complete outdoor spaces, giving them a warm, cozy feel with plenty of personality.

Keep the Pillows Coming, Please!

Gone are the days of uncomfortable vinyl chairs and hard plastic benches. Today’s outdoor seating is just as cushy and cozy as anything you’d find inside, with plenty of punchy colors and chic patterns to boot.

Have It Made in the Shade

There’s nothing like planning an intimate patio dinner party, only to have guests squinting in the sun all evening! Shade is crucial to maintain maximum comfort outdoors, which is why we’ve seen so many homeowners opting for stylish outdoor curtains and patio panels. These shade options are easy on the eyes, in more ways than one!

Winterproof Your Lounge with Cozy Accents

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the cold shouldn’t get in the way of a good time, either. Cold-weather features like fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are very in vogue right now. Paired with cushy blankets and a hot toddy or two, they can help you reclaim your porch from winter’s grip. The cold never bothered you anyway, right?

Let There Be Light

The party shouldn’t have to end when the sun goes down. Whether it’s decorative string lights hung across a roof eave or tasteful garden lights positioned in a nearby tree, creative feature lighting adds a warm, glowy ambience to your outdoor events. We particularly love all the unique hanging lanterns we’ve seen — they look great draped over the beams of an open-air pergola.

Reduce Back-and-Forth Trips

No one wants to spend the whole evening running back and forth to the kitchen. Outdoor kitchens and high-end grilling spaces help bring the chef to the party. Equipped with luxury cooking implements like wood-fired ovens, digital smokers, and compact refrigerators and beverage coolers, these stations have everything you need to keep hunger at bay!

Keep Foliage Low-Maintenance

Let’s face it: a pot full of wilted petunias doesn’t exactly scream “party!” Unless you’re an experienced gardener, your best bet is to choose black-thumb-approved plants and flowers for planters and beds around outdoor spaces. Cold-hardy succulents and ornamental grasses are both fuss-free and stylish. Try them in vertical mounted planters for a little extra eye candy.

When comfort meets charm, the setting’s just right for next-level outdoor entertaining in your new home!