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Celebrate Your New Home: 7 Great Housewarming Party Ideas

May 4, 2018

Break out the champagne and dust off the party hats! We know moving can be stressful, so once you’re all settled in, you definitely have just cause to celebrate. An informal get-together is fine, of course, but if you really want to celebrate in style, organizing a housewarming party is just the ticket. Housewarming parties are the perfect opportunity to bring friends and family into your new space and show off all the improvements you’ve been making since you moved in. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Here are seven ideas to help you achieve next-level housewarming perfection.

Don’t Wait Until You’re All Unpacked
We know plenty of long-time homeowners who still haven’t unpacked those last few boxes in the garage. Don’t put off celebrating because your home’s not perfect yet. After all, guests know that you just moved in and will give you some leeway if you’re still hanging up pictures or picking out paint colors. If most of the boxes are gone and the furniture is there, you’re good.

Give Guests the Grand Tour
New homes are just begging to be flaunted, so you’ll probably have plenty of requests to show off your new abode. Of course, it can be exhausting to try to greet guests while hosting tours at the same time. Task a close friend, significant other, or older child with opening the door and welcoming guests inside. That way, you’re free to lead the tour around your new homestead — and you’ll have one less item on your plate on the big day.

Get Traditional
Moving into a new home is a big deal, no matter where you hail from. Because of that significance, there are plenty of wonderful traditions from all around the world to help you celebrate life in your new abode. For instance, you could take a cue from Jewish folk customs and serve bread and salt, or do like the French and prepare a large housewarming meal in the kitchen. Or ring a bell, burn sage, or light a candle to purify the space and protect against hostile spirits. Hey, it can’t hurt, right?

Send Out Paint Chip Invitations
Calling all crafty homeowners! This homemade housewarming invitation is so cute, we almost want to move just so we can do it ourselves. A party’s invitations really set the tone for the evening, so it’s important to send out ones that feel just right. Luckily, these invites are super easy to craft with the help of a few paint chips, which you can get free from a paint store. Just glue a smaller square of cardstock over each one, add your party details, and mail them out or deliver by hand. No sweat!

Plan a Posh Dinner Party
New homes deserve some fanfare. Although many people tend to go casual for housewarming parties, there’s no reason you can’t throw a fancier, formal shindig. Choose a classy, elegant entree, like this cider-brined pork roast, that you can cook ahead of time to give you more time to focus on your guests. And make sure to plan a champagne toast at some point during the party. It can really elevate the night. (Bonus: no red wine stains on your new couch!)

Show Off the “Before” and “After”
If you’ve just built a new custom home or made some significant renovations to your new house, you’re no doubt proud of what you’ve accomplished. But guests will be a lot more appreciative of the transformation if you give them a window into the process. A “before” and “after” picture displayed on party invitations or as decorations around the home lets guest admire exactly what it took to make your home as spectacular as it is today!

Host a “Stock-the-Bar” Party
This is the kind of party we’d like to attend! A “stock-the-bar” themed party asks guests to bring one bar essential with them when they attend. In return, you give them hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and, of course, a full house tour. Be sure to add some fun, boozy touches like a “guest book” wine bottle to be signed with a metallic pen. Your house will be forever branded as your group’s hangout spot!

These touches will make sure your party is the toast of the town — or at least the neighborhood!