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Six Ways a New Construction Home Wins the Day

With all the remodel and renovation shows out there, sometimes new construction homes get left out of the conversation. But there is so much to love about a new build! To even the playing field, here are six times that new construction homes co...

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Another Great Year of Giving in Austin

Wrapping Up Another Great Year of Giving in Austin

Paradisa Homes is proud to build the homes that make Austin a wonderful place to live, but our commitment to the community does not end there. We believe that we can also build a better world by giving to programs that brighten futures in Austi...

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Front of modern house

Six Trends Heating Up Austin Construction This Fall

Though the temperatures may be dropping a bit, Austin construction continues to stay hot this fall. With one of the most exciting real estate markets in the country, Austin draws plenty of attention all year round. As a result, we tend to set t...

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modern design home

The Three Elements That Make 4903 Fairview Exemplary

Some builds are too breathtaking to keep under wraps. That’s why Paradisa Homes is sharing 4903 Fairview as a featured home. But what is it that makes this property so special? The intrigue of its multi-tiered exterior? The playfulness of the...

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How to Choose a Piece of Land to Build On

Nothing quite comes close to the American dream of owning your own home — except maybe choosing the land it occupies, too. It harkens back to days on the frontier, when building a home was a critical step in securing the "free" land offered b...

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What’s Driving Up Austin Home Buying Costs

Our fair city of Austin has topped the lists of best places to live for years on end. Of course, we can’t blame the outsiders who flock here in droves, but there’s a downside to the Lone Star capital being such an ideal place to plant your ...

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The Top 10 Most Popular Home Styles in Texas

The architecture of a place tells you so much about it — from its history and cultural roots to its economic state, climate, and personality. If you’ve ever wondered about the home architecture of the Lone Star state, we’re here to satisf...

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Home Building Design Through the Ages

Owning your own home has always been the very definition of the American dream. But the look of that home has varied over the years based on architectural trends, social and political movements, and technological innovation. Curious just how m...

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Should I Build a Two-Story or Ranch-Style Single Story?

Which is right for you, a one-story or two-story home? How do you choose one over the other? The stairs are not the only consideration; the number of floors in your home affects its aesthetic appeal as well as other factors such as sound quali...

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