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Buying a Home With a Pool in Austin: What to Know Before You Buy

August 27, 2020

If you’re on the hunt for a new home, you know how nerve-racking and exciting it can be. It’s the place you and your family will spend the rest of your life — or at least a good chunk of it — so it needs to perfectly suit your taste and lifestyle. If you’re specifically looking for houses for sale with pools, it’s important to remember that while a home with a pool will help you enjoy your new home to the fullest, it also comes with some extra responsibility. 

This is not a decision to make lightly. Here are a few of the factors you’ll need to consider before you take the plunge into pool ownership.

Pools Require Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way. If not properly cared for, a swimming pool can be a breeding ground for algae, bugs, and wind-blown remnants of trees and bushes. Unless you want to be swimming in a lagoon, you’ll need to give your pool regular cleaning to ensure a healthy pH balance and to keep the pool hardware functioning. 

If you don’t have the time or energy to maintain this upkeep, you can hire a pool service to manage the chemicals for you. However, you’ll need to pay for those chemicals, on top of the weekly or monthly cleaning service. In addition to this cleaning, you’ll need to skim the water to remove debris, and clean the pool filter, regularly.

You’ll See a Rise in Utility Bills 

If you’re thinking about buying a house with a swimming pool, it’s important to be financially prepared for everything that entails, including an increase in your utility bills. According to HomeAdvisor, pool owners pay an average of $300 each year in electricity for operating a pool pump. Because the pump controls a pool’s filtration system, it’s essential for maintenance. 

As for water bills, pool owners should be prepared to pay between $60 and $120 to fill a standard 15,000 to 30,000 gallon pool, as well as an average rate of $0.004 per gallon to replenish evaporated water. 

You’ll Need to Take Precautions If You Have Kids

Many homeowners choose a home with a pool for the endless entertainment, recreation, and exercise that it offers the whole family. The sad truth, however, is that drowning is the leading cause of injury-related death in children ages 1 to 4, and the second leading cause in children ages 1 to 15. This makes it imperative to take precautions, for both your own kids and their friends who come over for get-togethers. Some of the smartest safety measures pool owners can take include:

  • Install a kid-proof fence around the perimeter of the pool.
  • Add locks to all doors leading to the pool.
  • Teach your children to swim at a young age.
  • Always keep a flotation device in the pool for emergency access.
  • Set pool rules with your family — such as designated swim hours — to avoid unsupervised pool use. 

A Pool Can Increase Your Property Value

Living in Austin means we’re able to swim nearly year-round, which makes a home with a pool infinitely more valuable — and not just in terms of fun. Experts estimate that an average
14 x 28-foot inground pool can add 5 to 8% to the overall real estate value of your home. So should you ever need to sell your home, you’d see a considerable return on investment. 

Having a Pool Improves Your Quality of Life

It’s no secret that owning a home with a pool means having your very own backyard oasis. With  300 sunny days each year, we Austinites have the advantage of being able to spend more time outdoors than those in many other places in the country. When you buy a new home with a pool, you get private access to beat the heat and cool off whenever you choose — no more long lines and crowds of Barton Springs or Hamilton Pool! 

And because swimming is so beneficial for cardiovascular health, flexibility, and overall well-being, it can improve both your physical and mental health. Plus, with the current stay-at-home restrictions implemented because of COVID-19, now has never been a better time to have a place to escape to, right in the comfort of your very own backyard. 

Looking for Homes for Sale with a Pool in Austin?

No more Google searches for “homes for sale with a pool near me.” Here at Paradisa Homes, we’ve built plenty of new homes with swimming pools so homebuyers like you will have the ultimate way to enjoy their home all year round. For more information about how we can help you find your dream space — pool included! — contact us today.