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How to Build the Custom Home of Your Dreams

September 22, 2017

We’ve written some brief tips before on how to get the best result from your builder. Now we’ll talk in more detail about how to take an idea to the custom home of your dreams with comfort, quality, and style.

Relationships and Communication

There will be quite a few people working on your custom home. One way to ensure the final product fits your ideals is to clearly communicate throughout the process with key people working on your house. A little rapport goes a long way, and ensuring clear communication helps avoid any budget or design issues.

The Lot

Some builders have build-ready lots available for purchase. In other cases, you may find a building company with an in-house real estate team. Whatever lot you consider, hire a contractor with Real Estate market experience to conduct a feasibility analysis before purchase. This will help determine the cost of developing the land before you can build on it, including adding utilities to the site if necessary, understanding any municipal zoning laws, and assessing environmental remediation requirements.


Establish your budget from the very beginning. This will help you avoid falling into spending traps along the way as well as understand hidden costs that could put you over budget. Knowing your budget will also guide decisions regarding the customization and finishes within your custom home.


Look for a partner with a wealth of knowledge and a streamlined process. This should include setting a budget, picking a lot, selecting or designing a floor plan, and choosing appliances and finishes. This is also where you can figure out how sustainable (or green) you want your home to be, from appliance choices to insulation, windows, and doors. Finishes include all the details — drawer pulls, light fixtures, doors and doorknobs, countertops, and much more. Paradisa Homes guides their team of construction professionals through the build with your design specifications, bringing your dream home to life!

After the Build

Research how the builder handles issues after closing. What does their warranty cover, and what are you responsible for once you have the keys?

Paradisa Homes always works to provide quality, timeliness, and the best client communication possible. Our full-service, in-house team includes real estate, architectural, design, and construction professionals all housed under one roof. This facilitates convenient consultation and collaboration for seamless planning and timely execution of our builds.