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8 Great Apps for New Homeowners

June 28, 2018

Nothing matches the mixture of excitement and anxiety that comes with moving homes. A new space offers a fresh new start — but adjusting to the change takes some time. Luckily, the internet is here to help, with tons of helpful apps that can make life in your new home a whole lot simpler, more convenient, and even a little bit more fun. Here are eight of our favorites!


When you move from renting to owning, there’s definitely a pretty steep learning curve. Suddenly it’s up to you to keep the lawn mowed and the fridge running. BrightNest helps you keep track of your household from the inside out, sharing tips and reminders for upkeep, cleaning, decorating, and repairs.  The app tailors your feed to your preferences and priorities, like sustainability, DIY, and safety. You’ll never forget to change your AC filters again!


What if there were a better filing system for your appliance user manuals than the junk drawer in your kitchen? Centriq is just that: all you have to do is snap a photo of the serial number nameplate on your appliance and save it to your account. After that, you can easily access associated support content like user guides, how-to videos, and quick links to order parts. You can also upload receipts for quicker returns and warranty information. Nothing relieves stress like a little less clutter at home!

Color Capture by Benjamin Moore

Whether you’re inspired by a truly dazzling sunset or the color of fresh cantaloupe, this app makes it easy to turn your color inspirations into reality, allowing you to create custom color palettes from pictures you take with your mobile device. Color names correspond to Benjamin Moore’s catalog, so you can easily purchase that perfect can of paint.  You can even check out trending hues and designer collections — and explore all the tints that color your world — right from your phone.


Houzz is universally beloved by homeowners looking to decorate and improve their new space. The app version of the site gives you access to a wealth of stories, design ideas, and images to help you create your perfect home. You can even share inspiration with other users, shop for products in the massive Houzz store, or find an interior decorator. This app makes decorating a snap!


One of the hardest things about moving is getting to know your neighborhood. Even the basics feel foreign — finding the closest supermarket, for example, or your new favorite coffee shop. AroundMe is here to help. Whether you’re looking for a movie theater or a gas station, a parking lot or a bar, AroundMe helps you quickly acclimate to your new locale and learn the ropes. Soon enough, you’ll be a regular neighborhood expert.

Photo Measures

Shopping for furniture can be a real headache when you can’t remember the dimensions of the entry hallway or the measurements of that corner in the kitchen that could really use a new sideboard. You can try to sketch it yourself, but unless you’re some kind of artistic ingenue, hand-drawn sketches get confusing fast. That’s where Photo Measures comes in. The app allows you to upload photos of your home, giving you the option to draw measurements directly onto the image. You’ll never forget your room measurements again!


Nextdoor bills itself as a “private social network for your neighborhood.” Use the app to help you get to know your neighbors, see area events, and get local updates for your neighborhood. Find babysitters, book clubs, garage sales, safety updates, and more, all with the help of this handy app.


What if saving energy were as easy as playing a game on your phone? With JouleBug, it is. This fun little app gamifies sustainability, offering you real-life suggestions to use less energy and fuel. For instance, the app might challenge you to turn off the lights when you leave a room or walk to lunch instead of driving. You can also join groups and challenge your friends — or all those new neighbors you’ll be meeting!

Thanks to technology, you’ll be living a happier, more convenient life in your brand-new home. Now, if only they made an app that could move furniture!