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6 Trendy Bathroom Features for 2019

March 7, 2019

Your home is your castle, so why shouldn’t all the rooms in your house match your loftiest design ambitions? Today’s bathrooms are no longer considered perfunctory necessities in an otherwise lovely home. Instead, they are spaces of luxury and relaxation — at-home “spas” where you can pamper yourself, primp, and decompress from a long day at work.

This year’s best bathroom trends take that idea and run with it, adding opulent features and personalized design touches to this often neglected space. Here are a few new styles we’re sure you’ll fall in love with.


Luxury Showers

Nothing soothes away the day’s stresses like a long, hot shower — particularly when that shower is the pinnacle of luxury. Dual shower heads, rain shower heads, full-body shower installations, and massaging jets offer new ways to elevate your shower experience, while unique patterned tile and stone inlays make a big splash. Pair that with a freestanding or Japanese-inspired round soaking tub, and you’ll never want to leave your bathroom!


Exposed Plumbing and Fixtures

Those who favor an industrial or minimalist aesthetic will love this next trend. Exposed hardware and pipes in showers and under sinks offer a unique way to add metallic accents to your bathroom. We recommend pairing this look with concrete and simple, clean vanities, console sinks, and minimalist tile. With clean lines and sleek finishes, exposed hardware may be this year’s edgiest style.


Powder Room Statements

A boring, bland powder room is a blot on an otherwise well-designed home. Today’s home decor trendsetters have turned their eyes to the restroom, favoring styles that offer a decorative punch. Bold, eye-catching wallpaper, statement artwork, unique mirrors, and striking vessel sinks are just some of the ways homeowners are choosing to express their personality in the powder room. After all, every space in your home is an opportunity for great design!


Black Accents

Bathrooms aren’t just about hygiene. For homeowners willing to stray outside the mainstream, they can easily become the most unique rooms in your home. Restrooms are a great space in which to experiment with bold colors and accents, and nothing is bolder than black. Black vanities, dark walls, and ebony accents are great for those who wish to fully embrace the trend, but matte black hardware and fixtures — such as a shower head or faucet — are a great way to add just a small pop of dark color in your space.


Wooden Vanities, Furniture, and Features

The natural look is very in right now, and that trend has finally made its way to the bathroom. Wood is the material of choice for many homeowners looking to add some variety to their bathroom decor. Stained or weathered, reclaimed or polished, maple or oak — wood finishes of all types are now being welcomed into the restroom. Homeowners are adding slatted wood floors, rustic vanities, clean wood shelving, and more, capturing the restrained luxury of Danish design.


Expressive Subway Tile

Simple, clean floors and walls are a great look for a bathroom, and nothing gets you there faster than classic subway tile. While there’s nothing new about this well-loved staple of bathroom decor, the latest subway tile offers some new takes on the classic material. New patterns, colors, and arrangements are adding a subtle twist on the old standard. Chevron, herringbone, basket weaves, and other patterns are popular choices, while other homeowners take the trend even further, opting for mosaics and inlays made entirely out of subway tile. There’s nothing boring about that!


Of course, a great bathroom needs a great home to go along with it. Our design experts at Paradisa Homes can help you bring your boldest design aspirations to life while offering pointers on materials, durability, and aesthetic. Get in touch today to learn more — better bathroom design awaits!