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6 New Austin Restaurants You’ve Got to Try

December 20, 2018

The year is drawing to a close, and with it comes the traditional flurry of “best of” lists. Here at Paradisa Homes, we thought we’d get in on the fun with a compilation that touches on one of our favorites: good food and great restaurants.

This year has been a remarkable one for the Austin culinary scene, with many beloved restaurants opening new locations and spin-offs that are sure to whet your appetite. There are also some extraordinary newcomers filling out the city’s dining options with new cuisine and fresh ambience. Without further delay, here is our list of the six best new restaurants in Austin.

Sour Duck Market

Austin’s mecca for craft food, Odd Duck, has taken the brunch scene by storm with its new East MLK location. Whether you’re looking for artisan croissants or a high-class burger topped with turnip chutney, Sour Duck has got you covered. No time for a leisurely brunch? You can order online! Now that’s putting the “comfort” in comfort food.

Nervous Charlie’s

Nervous Charlie’s joins other spots like Rockstar Bagels and Biderman’s Deli as the newest purveyor of our favorite doughy delicacy – bagels! Old classics like lox and capers mingle with the Austin-inspired fare on their menu, like the Longhorn, a bagel sandwich with Taylor ham, fried eggs, cheese, potatoes, and hot sauce. And, of course, there are plenty of schmears to go around. Their dough is imported straight from New York City, so you can test that famous “there’s something in the water” theory.


If you haven’t already made the pilgrimage to South Lamar to try out this Franklin’s Barbeque–Uchi hybrid, it’s time. With upscale south-meets-east smokehouse concoctions and a huge list of exotic cocktails, this spot will be a hit with anyone who has taste buds. The line to be seated often stretches around the sprawling outdoor dining area — but we think you’ll agree that it’s worth it. Plus, they sell beer and wine outside to ease the pain of standing in line. You can’t beat that!

Phoebe’s Diner

The southeast corner of Oltorf and South First streets has been a bit of a cursed location for years now, never quite taking off the way other South First intersections have. But with eclectic newcomer Phoebe’s Diner taking up residency there, things are looking up. Hearty southern-inspired diner fare fills out this restaurant’s offerings; tasty twists on old favorites, like deep-fried French toast and a fried tomato club sandwich, will have you gladly ditching your diet for a day.


No list of best new restaurants would be complete without Suerte, which has been receiving tons of national attention for its foodie take on Tex-Mex. Brainchild of Sam Hellman-Mass, an Odd Duck co-founder, Suerte is the second restaurant to come out of the Austin standard this year. House-ground masa and homemade tortillas give a special, artisan flavor to this spot’s selection of tacos, tostadas, and tamales, dubbed “vitamin T.” With oak-grilled meats, raw ceviche, and goat barbacoa also making an appearance, every dish is sure to surprise.

The Brewer’s Table

With Austin’s brewery scene gaining traction, beer is well on its way to replacing wine as the dinner drink du jour. Playing off that idea, the Brewer’s Table on East Fifth is a virtual gustatory playground for anything and everything hops-related. From cabbage rolls topped with malted sour cream to chicken paprikash with beer grain spaetzle, chef Zach Hunter encourages patrons to eat their beer. And, naturally, there’s plenty of suds to wash it all down. We’ll toast to that!

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