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6 Cool Pool Party Ideas That Will Make A Big Splash

October 19, 2018

A pool is a welcome guest at any party, especially in the middle of a blazing Texas summer. But when you’ve just bought a home with a truly amazing pool, you need to show it off in style. These amazing tips will give you ideas for any kind of pool party, for adults and kids alike. Check out some of our favorite ways to beat the heat below.

Aquatic Movie Night
Inspired by the folks over at the Alamo Drafthouse, consider showing of one of your favorite films on water. A digital projector, a screen, and some inner tubes are all you need to make this night a hit. Bonus points if you show an aquatically appropriate film like Jaws, Titanic, or Finding Nemo for the kids.

Tiki Night Redux
Tiki culture once seemed to have gone the way of the beehive hairdo, but thanks to a growing movement of cocktail enthusiasts, it’s coming back in a big way. Plan a chic tiki pool party with lush tropical florals, an enticing pu pu platter, and of course some killer mai tais. Just be sure to put the kids to bed first!

Neon Party
The best parties start when the sun goes down. A few rented black lights and some glow sticks and necklaces are all you need to get this party pumping. Tell your guests to wear light-colored suits and clothing. When the sun sets, bring out the black light and put on some tunes — and maybe one of these glow-in-the-dark drinks. The best part? This one’s fun for kids and adults.

Moroccan Riad
This one is all about the decor. Metal lanterns, pillows, and ottomans in Moroccan-inspired prints along with brightly colored tablecloths will allow you to celebrate the signature style of the North African coast. For extra ambiance, hang a few outdoor curtains and serve mint tea and tagine. The overall effect will transport you and your guests.

Fairy Night
Enchant your children — and engage your inner child — with a starry, dreamy fairy pool party. Drape your deck and patio with glowing fairy lights and strings of Edison lights, and place some floating LED lotuses in the pool. Give everyone in attendance a flower crown and a set of fairy wings for a truly magical night.

Summer Camp Theme
It’s back to summer camp with this nostalgic party theme. Host a swimming contest or a three-legged race to bring back memories of your old camp days. Ask friends to bring their old diaries, and take turns sharing your most embarrassing entries. Top it all off with s’mores and spooky stories around the firepit.

Naturally, you can’t throw a pool party if you don’t have a great pool. At Paradisa Homes, we build pools as custom as our houses. No matter what style or size you have in mind, we’ll work with you to construct a pool that’s every bit as stylish as your home. Contact us now to learn more about building a new custom home — and pool — with us. Your social life may depend on it!