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4 Austin Backyard Offices We Love

January 24, 2019

Let’s face it, in this day and age, we’re pretty much all online and connected all of the time. And that means that the lines between work and home have blurred so much that we’re often working around the clock, answering emails and taking conference calls outside of the typical nine-to-five workday.

But if you’re using your couch as your home office or answering emails while you cook, you could be harming your own productivity. The distractions in your home — kids, pets, chores, media — are a hurdle to the concentration you need in order to do your best work.

Thankfully, an exciting new trend in home buying, building, and remodeling focuses on the concept of a backyard office — a small structure that is physically separate from the main house, drawing clear boundaries between work and home life. Here are some of our favorite backyard offices to give you inspiration.

Artsy architectural

 Artsy architectural austin backyard offices | Paradisa homeVia
Calling all design fanatics! If you’re a sucker for aesthetics like we are, you’ll surely appreciate the architectural marvel of this unusually shaped polyhedron office shed. The full glass wall and domed skylight allow maximum sunlight and a picturesque view to help fuel your productivity and inspire your creativity throughout your busy work day. And with more than 228 days of sun per year in Austin, Texas, you’ll reap those benefits almost constantly. The patio landing is a perfect spot to add some gardening or simply to cluster some chairs and a table for an after-work margarita or take-home Chuy’s enchiladas.


Eco Cozy Austin Backyard Office | Paradisa HomesVia
If you’re a downtown dweller or have a long commute on public transportation, you might daydream of an occasional escape from the dense crowd of buildings or packed train cars. And that’s why we love this simple and earthy Austin backyard office so much. The light birchwood-clad structure serves to replace a mostly treeless backyard, making a connection to nature that no cubicle or boardroom meeting could offer. The “green roof” is covered in vegetation, which is certainly eye-catching but also lowers energy costs — a helpful benefit during Austin’s sweltering summers.

Simple yet homey

Simple yet homey backyard office | Paradisa HomesVia
Maybe you don’t need an architectural gem as much as a simple and functional extra bit of working space. This backyard office is just that — and it proves that you can fit an extra structure no matter how narrow your home lot. With enough space to accommodate a desk setup, spacious bookshelves, and even a small couch (which can serve as sleeping quarters for visitors if you’re lacking the space inside) it’s the perfect choice for practical needs.

It’s also a smart option if you need to keep an eye on the kids or pets inside the home while you’re busy working. Situated to face the large home windows, this economical Austin backyard office offers a clear view and close connection to home, while still existing as a separate space for complete quiet and concentration.

Lavish and lifted

Lavish and lifted backyard offices in Austin | Paradisa Homes

If you’re one of the few whose Austin-area property ends in a steep drop, consider yourself lucky. That’s because you’re a prime candidate for the kind of backyard office that will look and feel more like a luxury vacation retreat. Just witness how this structure takes advantage of the height with a floor-to-ceiling window wall. It offers the ultimate in privacy as well as a panoramic view to fuel productivity and inspiration — perfect for residents in the Texas Hill country, who are spoiled with sprawling sunsets, live oaks, and rolling hills.

Let’s Talk About Austin Backyard Offices

The best thing about an office backyard is that it can be bought, built, or designed to your custom needs and preferred style, just as with any home. By giving you a private and distraction-free place to work, you’ll be more productive, which will free up more time for doing what you love most. Best of all, it’ll be the best commute you’ve ever had.

If you’re interested in learning more about custom home building, we’re always here to talk. Just contact us for a free consultation!