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Archive for May 15, 2020

New Farmhouse Style Custom Homes

If you keep up with architectural trends, you’ve heard the term “new farmhouse” before. It’s the go-to design style for a modern spin on a much-loved classic. The modern farmhouse borrows elements from traditional frontier structures and gives it an updated twist, for a space that’s streamlined but still connected to its natural surroundings. Keep reading to learn more about this beloved new trend, and how you can work with a custom home builder to customize your new home with new farmhouse appeal.

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Get to Know Scenic Point: New Luxury Homes, Desirable Location

Moving into a new home is one of the most important and exciting milestones in our lives. However, despite all its adventure, moving into a new home can be a headache if you’ve chosen to build from the ground up with a luxury home builder. That’s because brand-new custom home construction comes with many decisions and possible setbacks.

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