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Archive for August 29, 2019

Water-Saving Landscaping Ideas

Here in Central Texas, we’re no stranger to being ruled by the weather. From magnificent thunderstorms to flash flooding to summers of frequent 100-degree days, we’ve seen it all. Thankfully, we’ve received good rains this year — which...

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4 Outdoor Entertaining Ideas for the Ultimate Summer Party

Throwing an outdoor party this summer? Here are the best ideas and tips to take advantage of your outdoor living space and throw an unforgettable hot-weather bash!  Coordinate the Logistics Before you get down to the fun, make sure ...

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5 Custom Home Features to Help You Draw the Outdoors In

Ah, sunlight. It’s no myth that it improves your mood. Science even shows that the vitamin D we get from it is essential for our bodies. Exposure to sunlight also increases our production of serotonin, the mood-boosting chemical that makes u...

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Best Spots in Austin for Hiking and Biking

Whether you’re planning your move to the Live Music Capital of the World or you’re already a veteran Austinite, you know that our city is renowned for its beloved greenery and outdoor spaces. If you're looking to take in the beauty of Aust...

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Austin’s Most Dog-Friendly Neighborhoods

Here in Austin, we’ve been named one of the best music cities. Then we were nominated the best place to live in the US. Then we were the second most exciting food city. And most recently, we’ve topped the chart of most pet-friendly cities....

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