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Archive for January 31, 2019

The Top 2019 Austin Design Trends We Can’t Wait to Try

You’ve undoubtedly heard the “New Year, New You” mantra that inspires people each January to take up new fitness regimes, eat healthier, read more books, etc. While we love the idea of these personal resolutions, we get most excited about...

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4 Austin Backyard Offices We Love

Let’s face it, in this day and age, we’re pretty much all online and connected all of the time. And that means that the lines between work and home have blurred so much that we’re often working around the clock, answering emails and takin...

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What’s Your Austin Home Design Personality?

If Austin is famous for anything, it’s flying in the face of conformity. And the architectural character here is no exception: Austin home builders embrace a huge range of different styles, each designed to meet the unique tastes of our city...

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What to Do in Austin when It’s Cold Outside

With just 19 average days of freezing weather each year, it’s safe to say that Austin is not an indoor town. Still, when the weather turns nasty, our city’s many restaurant patios, food truck parks, trails, waterways, and other outdoor acti...

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