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Archive for July 20, 2018

What Makes A Custom home Builder “Custom?”

There’s no doubt that building your own custom home is the road less traveled. Most home buyers opt for new tract homes or existing pre-built homes rather than building a home to their own specifications. However, there are some serious benef...

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8 Things To Know About Living In Steiner Ranch

Hands down, Steiner Ranch is one of the best places to live in Austin — and that’s saying a lot in a city known for great neighborhoods. Nestled in the beautiful Colorado River canyonlands, Steiner Ranch has a perfect mixture of convenience...

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Rent or Own: Why Renting Can Cost More Than Buying

Renting’s great in certain situations, but if you’re serious about spending your money wisely, buying a home is a much better call. Monthly mortgage payments often cost less than rent, and you may just get a much better space for your money...

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