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Archive for February 25, 2018

Landscaping Your New Home For Curb Appeal

Personalizing your new home isn’t just deciding where to hang the pictures or how to organize the dining room. It’s also about the outdoors too, with a one-of-a-kind landscape design. Exterior landscaping gives you a chance to put your stam...

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Essential Homeowner Maintenance Tips

Buying a home brings on all the feels. It’s a crazy mix of excitement, nervousness, joy, and total overwhelm. But once the ink on the contract is drying and the movers are scheduled, it’s time to start transitioning from a home buyer to a h...

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The Hottest Kitchen Style Trends for 2018

The jury’s still out for 2018 as a whole, but this year is definitely looking up — at least where kitchen styles are concerned! Today’s kitchens are an elegant blend of classic elements like natural woods and vintage fixtures with new, ex...

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