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11 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Construction Home

October 15, 2017

You’ve worked hard. You’ve planned. You’ve avoided the last few road trips to festivals with friends. Now, after putting yourself through the self-inflicted torture of saving money, you’re ready to find some useful information on buying new construction homes.

One of the trying things buyers face after deciding to purchase a newly constructed home is determining whether a builder can accommodate their needs and dreams. To find the best builder for you, do some in-depth research and come up with a game plan. Here are a few things you’ll want to think about.

Make Sure You Account for All of Your Costs
Staying in and saving money gives you ample time to daydream about the things you’ll want to be included in your newly constructed home. But at some point it’s a good idea to move from dreaming to planning. Make sure you’ve accounted for the items on your “wish list” when determining what your savings goals are.

There Are Benefits to Having a Custom Construction Home Plan Drawn from Scratch
With a custom home plan, you’ll be able to add your personal touches and design goals. You can make the home unique and an expression of you. You’ll even be able to incorporate the land and the home’s surroundings into the final look.

Plan Ahead
Before having a plan drawn, think about your aesthetic and design wishes. What type of furniture will you have and where will it go? Where will the appliances in your dream kitchen go? What type(s) lighting are you going to have? Having this included in the plan will keep you from spending extra to add extra in the future.

Choose Square Footage over Upgrades
If your budget is forcing you to decide between fixtures and finishes or a guest bedroom for entertaining, go with the extra room first. It’s much cheaper and easier to add upgrades in the future than it is to add rooms.

Tour the Builder’s Model Homes First
Once you’ve found the right builder, it’s time to see their workmanship. This is a great time to ask detailed questions. One good question to ask is what comes standard in the new construction homes and what is considered an upgrade.

Don’t Forget the Exterior of the Home
You probably have a “wish list” for the area surrounding your home, too. Make certain the lot you’ve chosen will allow for both your custom home and for your outdoor wish list items. Also, keep in mind this will be a new yard. Determine whether you’re willing to do the work or hire landscapers to turn a construction site into a verdant garden or entertaining area.

Are You Prepared to Move Into a Brand New Neighborhood?
Typically, newly constructed homes are in new neighborhoods. Keep in mind new neighborhoods bring the noise from construction crews and their vehicles cause clogged streets. Also, remember the neighborhood will have HOA rules and regulations. You’ll want to look these over to make sure you won’t mind abiding by them.

How’s the Neighborhood Trending?
You’ll want to make sure it’s trending up, in case you decide to sell at some point. Your builder can help you find information about the neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Don’t Design a Custom Home That Doesn’t Fit the Neighborhood
The goal is to compete with the Joneses, but not be so far behind or ahead of them that you hurt your resale value.

Get Everything in Writing
Before the plans are drawn, a contract must be signed. Make sure everything you want in your new home is included. It’s also a good idea to detail everything out.

What Guarantees or Warranties Will the Builder Give?
Paradisa Homes offers a strict commitment to workmanship and a 1-2-10 year builder and remodeler warranty program. We provide an electronic document package with details on anything installed in your home. With these materials, you’ll understand what you’ve been guaranteed and you’ll know how to handle any problems or concerns as efficiently as possible.

Good luck! We hope we’ve given you the info you need to get started. If we didn’t touch on one or more of your considerations, feel free to contact us at any time.