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10 Must-Have Luxury Home Features

January 15, 2018

Good taste never goes out of style, but the newest luxury homes reflect the way high-end buyers’ lives are changing. Specifically, the preference for natural spaces and renewed focus on home wellness have lead to revamped interiors and jaw-dropping features that make it even easier to imagine yourself making a home between those walls.

Here are some of the most sophisticated and elegant high-end features we’ve seen in luxury homes this year. But don’t blame us if you suddenly get the urge to relocate!

The exquisite open floor plan, high ceilings, and window layout at 3209 Govalle Avenue offer a supreme example of how design can incorporate the great outdoors through natural light.

Open Floor Plans That Allow the Outdoors In
A panoramic view is all part of the luxury home experience. But what good is it living in a beautiful area if you can’t enjoy it? Open floor plans and access to natural light afford unparalleled views of the scenery while adding to the architectural character of a home. Split-level home designs break down barriers, with full-scale window walls and oversized hinged sliding glass doors to allow sunlight to flow freely throughout the home, while providing a first-class view of the outdoors beyond. And what could be more opulent than that?

A Fashionista’s Dream Closet
Forget walk-in closets — these are walk-around closets. Exceptionally spacious master closets have been appearing in luxury homes this year, complete with sprawling island dressers and built-in shelving and other organizational systems. These spaces are perfect for prepping for a night out on the town, a glamorous brunch, a charity gala, or just an Instagram-worthy day out shopping with the girls. After all, there’s no occasion too casual for fashion!

Impressive Counter Space for Amateur Chefs
Gourmet cooking isn’t just for Michelin-rated restaurants anymore. For high-end homeowners, the experience of a world-class meal extends right into everyday living. But self-taught chefs need room to experiment — especially when there’s more than one cook in the kitchen.

More counter space is the answer. And when we say these counters are immense, we mean it. The islands in these babies are bigger than your average New York City apartment! That means there’s plenty of room for cooking, serving, and hosting, transforming these kitchens into a foodie’s dream space.

Outdoor Living Spaces for Entertaining En Plein Air
No one wants to be stuck inside when the weather is nice. Modern luxury homes accommodate this urge with plenty of welcoming alcoves for outdoor entertaining.

Maybe it’s an outdoor kitchen for impromptu gourmet barbecuing, like the ones available in the homes in our premier development, McCormick Ranch. Or perhaps it’s a custom-built fire pit for cozy winter get-togethers. Either way, fresh air, comfort, and luxury are very much a part of refined homelife.

High-tech Home Features and Appliances
The future of homeowning is evident in luxury residences, where smart features like WiFi-enabled security systems, high-tech temperature controls, and cutting-edge surround sound simplify home management. Meanwhile, advanced appliances — refrigerators enabled with touch screens, eco-friendly washers and dryers — make modern living more efficient and convenient in these luxury spaces.

A pool side oasis at 1304 Oxford Avenue offers an inviting, tranquil setting.

Elegant Spas and Pools for Total Home Wellness
Nothing says leisure like a pool. But today’s luxury home builders put just as much emphasis on style as they do on comfort, creating pleasing water features that both delight and de-stress. Stone-trimmed spas and hot tubs, crystal-clear custom pools, and elaborate fountains transform homes into relaxing retreats. Imagine having a spa right in your own backyard!

Functional Home Offices for Painless Remote Working
Working from home is a great perk — most of the time. But when you spend the whole day dodging distractions and looking for a quiet place to hold a conference, you might as well be working from the office! That’s why today’s high-powered professionals seek out homes with built-in office spaces. Cloistered away from main living areas, these home offices offer plenty in the way of privacy for remote working without the headache.

Comfortable Intergenerational Living Suites
The hottest amenity for top-tier dwellings isn’t necessarily a pool or a game room, however. Increasingly, luxury homebuyers are asking for in-law suites, a separate apartment or attached unit providing privacy and comfort for relatives or guests. An in-law suite may not sound glamorous, but these spaces often feature private kitchens, separate parking, and spacious living areas, which offer older family members autonomy while giving adult children peace of mind.

Pro-level Workout Spaces
When the weather is bad, the last thing you feel like doing is hurrying off to the gym. That’s when a full-featured home workout room is the perfect solution! But these spaces don’t sacrifice style for sport. Instead, they include elegant, highly-desirable features like wide windows, skylights, and plenty of space for a home theater.

Whatever your vision of refinement, our luxury home builders can make it happen!
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